Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Someone who is in the shadows near a bar, waiting...

Someone who doesn't watch enough Pokemon and stands outside my house jealous of my Loli Archive.

Someone who enjoys defenestrating themselves.

Someone who enjoys defenestrating others, preferably bears.

Is actually the real Noodle.

Is addicted to noodles.

Is addicted to Popcorn.

Once microwaved a fresh cob of corn hoping to get popcorn

Once microwaved a puppy hoping to get a hot dog.


Cap'n Ninja:
Once microwaved a fresh cob of corn hoping to get popcorn

True story actually.

All other farm boys raise their hands!

OT: Link_to_Future is the Space Raccoon sleeper agent, slowly gaining the respect of the world government before sabotaging humanity.

Redlin5 is actually a sentient robot!

Nouw is an engineer, maintaining the Redlin series robots.

He's actually become too self aware, and is planning to overthrow humanity via the internet.

They know too much and must be silenced.

Cap'n Ninja doesn't know enough and must be silenced.


Nouw is a matrix administrator, alongside myself.

Wait, I wasn't supposed to say that.


Nouw is your normal New Zealander who has taken to the internet to impress you with his wisdom.


Move along.

He's a fan of adding pictures and other media to his postings.

He's an observant fellow Canadian...

Red is a cat who wears a man-suit by day and plots to take over the world with his chain of family-style restaurants by night.

Chinchy is the one who lies deep beneath the earth, building his vast army of robots while laughing maniacally. He is only online to look at the pitiful world he will soon destroy with a massive trout themed laser...

Red knows far too much and is obviously an agent sent by MI6 to foil my diabolical plans.

Chinchy doesn't know that I'm willing to strike a deal, seeing as I have my own interests on Earth...

I'm sure we can work something out...

Redlin 5 is a heretic and must be purged.

Nouw is canceling our partnership with statements like that.

Don't make me flash you...

Redlin 5 is currently endangering our partnership by revealing it.

Nouw realizes that we should make up before we break up.

We're too awesome to split now. We make a good team.

Yes, so what do we do?
We should be like the guys from Boondock Saints or Pulp Fiction!

He's actually the king of the Gorillaz fan club.

Papa? Is that you?

He's actually the king of the Gorillaz fan club.


Last of the Chinchillas:
Papa? Is that you?

Made me laugh.

Last of the Chinchillas is actually the first of the Chinchi- *dies.


I know I must avenge him!

*pulls out salmon*

He's John the Fisherman.

Seriously that song was written about him.

She's a counselor in training.

Secretly the brain of Thomas Edison in a jar somewhere in the Smithsonian.

He's still plotting, building his army and perfecting his trout laser.

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