Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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hypno toad!

Chad from accounting. Your time is almost up. I'd run!

He has actually vowed to destroy everything pokemon related.

Sephiroth. No joke.

The Joker. No Joke

Zombie Kurt Cobain...

Zombie Duke Nukem. Yeah, you're already infected, you just don't know it yet.

His name is Randal, he is the ender of threads.

They are not one person. He is the x, there is a female b. The rest I have not been able to gain intelligence on.

All I know is that they are out to destroy the world.

J! I! M-B-O!


... Sis?

... Sis?

Apparently I had a sex change without knowing......

A man who learned the shocking truth. He is a woman.

He is really three people sharing the same account.

He is a mouse that shoots lightning bolts to power his computer. That is all.

A maid disguised as a secret agent disguised as the world's best cosplayer

He's an ordinary guy who thinks himself rather funny.

Something tells me xmbts is someone who works at a music store.

I want to say store clerk for some reason.

He's a sentient math algarythem.

Why do I get the impression he's paid for looking through documents?

Dr Jekyll

He's really death. His finger is hovering above the key marked "smite".

He's secretly a villain, with the bodies of several legendary Pokemon buried in his basement.

She's secretly a collector of used stamps.

A 45 year old man pretending to be an androgynous teenager...

A 50 year old Iranian woman secretly interested in said androgynous teenager.

An androgynous emo boy interested in the Escapist above them...<.<

Is someone who can predict all information about the user above them.

Is a sentient spam bot waiting for the great rapture to spread the truth of erectile dysfunction medication...<.<

He spends too much time with shake weights...

Jackie Chan...<.<

Is Jet Li's second cousin's stepsister's uncle's grandparent's semi-retarded niece.

The brother of the cousin of Johnny Cash's uncles mother's adopted brother from Tatooine...

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