Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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That guy who cleans up after the hamsters.

A meaniepants.

A she dude!

A man SHE!

A manatee.

A mermaid.

A really difficult to manage bunny.

The energizer bunny

The guy who has already killed you as you read this.

Back stabs people from the front! O.O

Runs a tailor shop at Mykonos.

is a bloody SPY!!!

The Demoman is a spy!

A man with a minor hat fetish.

The one who stole my hat.

A bald man who now rather regrets being hatless.

A Disney villain.

A Disney hero.

A Disney comic relief character.

He is the only guy to pick the right one. >.>

He is terribly awesome.

He is awesomely awesome! ;3

He's my son!



You're also in space.

He's this thing that you can't get rid of, and sometimes you'd rather not get rid of it.

He's my father! O:

He's my mother. O.O

He's a monkey's uncle.

He's deals wonder drug! XD

Illegal immigrant from Mars.

Is a ghost of a ghost!

Is a ghastly zombie man!

Uses cadavers as a primary decoration material.

Is a god-warrior.

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