Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Flailmaster 5000.

weight-gain 4000


kathy lee gifford

Abbadon's high priestess...

Anti Santa!

pro hanukkah-zombie

Lord of the rats!

Lord of desilemarac! XD

Lord of the hats!

An Aussie

An ex-soviet union Necromancer.

Is a level 2 leveler!

The creepiest teacher around.

Lord Sigma.

Lord some-stuff!

The person who has the worlds highest score in the E.T game.

Player of only the best games! :D

Owns everything available on steam

One day! O,.,O

OT: The Hendrix!

Well ain't that nostalgic?

A french, psychotic, criminal duck

a spider-breeding cat

Schmoesph Schmalin.

an actual cavalier residing in cleavelend

Worlds no.1 practitioner of the secret art of "What-da-Fu?"

Lord of the cards.

Master of bumping.

Hater of Powerlevels, lover of bumping

A robot who fell in love with another robot.

Captain Canada.

Robot America. Like America but a robot.

Mew! Not evil enough for Mew Two.

Cyriak undercover.

An evil scientist.

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