Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Master Luke!

A lonely exile, singin' is song of loneliness...

A dango...

I think I am right.

A horse with no name, on whom it feels good to get out of the rain.

A guy who likes eating pinecones...

The hero we need to stop the demons

Also, he must have seen Constantine recently...

A man with an inexplicable taste for German cuisine

The man who stays in the shadows and out of the spotlight

The man who describes me without knowing.

I've said it once before and I shall say it again...


Sir Slippy.

James...of team rocket!

One of the dragons of Deltora!

The Invisble Man

Now without any distinguishing features!

Slendy's Top left tentacle!

Sonic's lost son...

A god-like figure in Egyptian culture reduced to household pet status

An anarchist with a cause.

A Man with blue hair trying to steal an electric mouse

An abomination based on my DNA.

Master of sausage.

An electrician who also steals animals from other people.

Someones Doppelganger!

My doppelganger!

Mr. Kenobi. Ben's brother. He's a schoolteacher.

A meowth!

A cat with an extremely short attention span and short term memory.
I suggest you be careful, facebook might* remove your page soon.
*Most likely will


A guy with lot's of freetime!

A guy who will listen to me and not change his avatar... <.<

A guy who is dismissive of those who change avatars

The guy formerly known as the guy with no personality.

The master mind behind The Room! :D

Made the script!

Lord of New Zealand.

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