Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A happy clown that is crying on the inside.

The last Dragonrider of Pern!


The brain all zombies dream of eating

The taco everyone else dreams of eating

The atomic clown that will eat them all.

The dragon that'll be the sole survivor.

The brain that all Asian fathers want their children to have

A professional Zombie slayer who has eaten waaayyy too much Taco Bell.
You are what you eat after all

The one who took the red pill.

The girl in my class who keeps staring at me 0_0

The one who took the blue pill.

The ruler of Antarctica.

So cool that an icy breeze follows him around, blowing back the hair of anyone nearby.

A retired character from Street Fighter

Old age sucks, doesn't it?

Not actually a viking.

Edit: Taco Ninja

Smaug's older sister!

Smoldering flames.

A colorful pulsating body with no brain.

A madman who stomps on kittens.

A simple nightlight with big dreams

A slice of cheese, filled with hope and preservatives.

Jimmy Neutron's BRAIN BLAST!

A former dog lover who has just discovered the awesomeness of cats.

Alduin's mentor, the one who will bring TRUE destruction to Skyrim

Master of his domain. The Taco Stand.

A shut in who plays Pokemon all day.

A lucky person, for getting off school a lot this week!

An intacovert.

Google Chrome says that isn't misspelled. WAIT my spell sheck's been turned off. Dammit.

@Taco: Technically it's a PLC course but yeah, you can call it school.

OT: Dr Klein?

A gentleman cat... with a mustache!

And a cane!

A fat guy in a speedo.

A guy who has a japanese love pillow.

Clifford the big red dog, it's just so obvious..

A lonely undetonated atomic bomb with internet access.

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