Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The person who rejected Hitler from art school

The person who rejected Hitler from art school

His verk vuz terrible! I vill not allow riff raff into my prestigious Universi... I mean I know nuzing!

OT: Hitler's Clone

Stalin's mustache

My Taco bell meal...

It was good.

That guy who I just stole that wallet from...

That guy's pimp.

The person doing business with that guy's pimp.

The secret kingpin of crime in the world!

The guy who had two days left until retirement

Change you can believe in

A toxic clown.

John from next door.

A popular actor who has since been consumed by alcohol and drug abuse

That Mystic Meg? :(

A wannabe cowboy!

An avid anime watcher!

A novice taco maker.

George Clooney's extra

A very sexy man.

A rainbow rabbit.

A sentient shark who can type with his fins

A taco who became self aware.

The darkness that dwells within the hearts of all men. Creeping in the shadows of our mind, screaming for blood...

A miserable little pile of secrets!

A proud Italian citizen.

Angry cowboy!

A boy-like angry cow

The End of Days...

But with a smile on its face!

Why he's the Taco in the night. Who did you think he was? Mild mannered Bruce Burrito?

Tacoman! He is THE tacoman...

A guy who tried to dye his hair blue.

You are a dog.

A cowboy with a heart of obsididan

He likes to steal from people, which I can totally understand!

The slenderman

Death with a facade of innocence

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