Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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An undead porn star.

Fat Elvis with his best buddy Darth - didn't you guys go college together?

My partner in Peasant Stealing affairs!

We strike at the morrow!

A bad cosplayer.

Obviously his avatar!

Mr. Sunshine.

Simon Maccorkindale!

Ben Cartwright's Son

Half-Life 3's only programmer

My brother.

Captcha: Frankly my dear. Is there something you didn't tell me?

A minimum wage employee at Taco Bell.

Yuval152's manager at Taco Bell who is slightly above minimum wage.

a cattlehand who's too nice for his own good

A Low budget version of the eye of Sauron (no offence)

The human equivalent of Dry Bones from Mario.

My dad.


A man who lives in Fiji

Is it nice over there?

Fiji's roommate.

A "V for Vendetta" fanboy

A Norsfire party member.

The incarnation of Azathoth... The end times are upon us!

The stunt double for the Eye of Sauron

The local Mexican food fanboy.

A Poke-nerd!

Edit: Wrong thread.

Chris Tester. I'm so creative.

A beautiful blonde pineapple.

A cowboy with a heart of gold!

Which she stole from others

The leader of tacos fan club.

The Defender Of all things [Insert Ideology Here}

One of EA's game designers.

John Rictelllooney

The REAL reason for pink eye!

Walder Frey

The guy who picks his nose on the bus.

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