Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The guy who invented those plastic triangles you used to get in pizza boxes that you never really see any more.

My neighbor. 0,o

My youngest daughter. Why aren't you doing your homework?


My latest non-nemisis.

Mah friend! :-D

Robot in disguise.

Robot out of disguise.

A decommissioned soviet superweapon

Josef Mangele.


I think you're that mad scientist who happens to be my neighbor.

A flying hippopopotamous.

Another one of my neighbors who is secretly an Eldritch Abomination.

The Iron Giant

Hank Wimbleton.

A fat-sucking mosquito.

You're me! That brain in a vat theory is true it seems...

George Bush Senior.

George Bush Junior.

My son.

My best friend.

Don Draper, the handsomest man on TV.

Vincent Price's moustache.

Ah, Disco Stu's skeleton, I presume.

One of the few nanobrewers in Dubai.

Slender man's misunderstood cousin; Convicted arsonist man.

The Chosen Undead, who has now picked up dancing.

A mute who acts on the street for money.

A dancing elephant.

Yet ANOTHER fox girl. I swear I've seen a hundred of them today. -.-

A serial killer specializing in furry women

T0ad of Truth is that guy from down the street. You know, the naked guy!

My Asian friend who can't speak proper English...

My friend who thinks I can't speak proper English >.>.

The sexy mama.

The sexy papa

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