Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The sexy papa

The sexy godfather.

My sexy neighbor.

My necromancy rival.

His necromancy master.

A clownfish searching for his son.

A lost soul in desperate need of guidance.

A brain in a jar.

A ghost in a mansion

A zombie in a dungeon.

A dungeon made of Zombies

Some clown that I may have insulted on accident...

Adam Sandler.

The alligator that ate whathisface's hand.

Someone who has a headache from hair spinning.

Someone who has lousy spelling without spellcheck.

A Cheese-maker, and all around awesome party animal.

MOOD GUY. The one with the mood swings.

The hyperactive girl no-one can keep up with.

The pers- *ACHOO* - Who is right there Sneezing man!

Every where I go Sneezing man is stalking me.

Sneezing man's false identity. I'm on to you!

The miniature space rabbit.

Someone who just keeps swimming.

Master of a ninja school.

Adam Orth.

... Let me stop kidding.

I think that he's the walrus.

The guy who's name you can never remember until he's left the party.

A Goat-farmer/Private Investigator that lives in the Appalachian mountains.

One of my friends' friend. >.<

Freddy Krueger's Less competent evil brother.

A children's entertainer.
He doesn't get much business, though.

An adult's entertainer.
Gets loads of business.

No-Face, the top paranormal investigator in the midwest.

The creepy guy in the attic.

Creppy guy in the basement

Big Bubba from the county jail.

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