Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The sexy godfather.

My sexy neighbor.

My necromancy rival.

His necromancy master.

A clownfish searching for his son.

A lost soul in desperate need of guidance.

A brain in a jar.

A ghost in a mansion

A zombie in a dungeon.

A dungeon made of Zombies

Some clown that I may have insulted on accident...

Adam Sandler.

The alligator that ate whathisface's hand.

Someone who has a headache from hair spinning.

Someone who has lousy spelling without spellcheck.

A Cheese-maker, and all around awesome party animal.

MOOD GUY. The one with the mood swings.

The hyperactive girl no-one can keep up with.

The pers- *ACHOO* - Who is right there Sneezing man!

Every where I go Sneezing man is stalking me.

Sneezing man's false identity. I'm on to you!

The miniature space rabbit.

Someone who just keeps swimming.

Master of a ninja school.

Adam Orth.

... Let me stop kidding.

I think that he's the walrus.

The guy who's name you can never remember until he's left the party.

A Goat-farmer/Private Investigator that lives in the Appalachian mountains.

One of my friends' friend. >.<

Freddy Krueger's Less competent evil brother.

A children's entertainer.
He doesn't get much business, though.

An adult's entertainer.
Gets loads of business.

No-Face, the top paranormal investigator in the midwest.

The creepy guy in the attic.

Creppy guy in the basement

Big Bubba from the county jail.

Willy Johnson, seller of fine antiques, and home-made blood sausage.

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