Every Post Must Have a Picture *Read OP*

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Seeing that Picture Red has just give me an idea for the next villain.


Heh, cute picture...<.<

Edit: Due to a broken picture and the fact that I'm unable to find another one, I'm changing this villain. However Glen Baskerville from Pandora Hearts does get a special mention.

Instead the new villain will be.

@knight of some random number: The best picture you could get was a broken one? Tough luck!

@AwesomeExpress: The picture doesn't work? You sure? It works just fine on my end.

Edit: Wait now it isn't working, ignore what I just said then. Looks like I'll have to find another one, or change the villain if I can't.


I met Colin Mochrie and shook his hand. I also met Brad Sherwood. It was awesome.


Time to start a new list, featuring 20 anime/manga heroes. Also I won't be using any female characters because I was planning on saving them for the third list, 20 anime girls.

Lets start things off.

This is why Scott Steiner hates TNA.

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