Every Post Must Have a Picture *Read OP*

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I don't know.... these are pretty sweet!


Eh, I don't like the colouring and stuff quite as much. I also think the picture I posted has more intricate and unique poses and the like. That Twilight Sparkle is basically a screencap from the show. Whereas the other is a unique fanart that I think would alone be pretty loved on ponibooru and the like.

But hey, a pony tattoo is a pony tattoo.
(If that tattoo was one that you got, I'm so incredibly sorry for being negative. It looks great. I was just... yeah, sorry.)

Speaking of pony, I think it's time for some pony dump.

I wish at work there was a meeting room like this:


Those aren't mine, they're actually tattos my friends got. But thank you for apologizing in advance.


She is one of my favorite people in Fallout New Vegas.

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