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Awesome campaign, awesome stages, and just plain amazing music.

Favorite characters are Toon Link, Link, Ike, Ness, Lucas, Sonic, and King Dedede.

Must have completed this game well over 100 times. The graphics are gorgeous for a PlayStation 2 title, and the gameplay is just so much fun.

AwesomeExpress is still posting screens of random games? :|

@Ice Azure: Yeah mans, I'm going through all the SNES games! And before that I went through all the NES games. Or at least the majority of them..

He taught me to swim at summer camp!!

@SB Ripping: lol, I bet that would help anyone swim! I can just picture it!

OT: This was a sweet game! And hard to beat!

I clocked over 100 hours into this incredible game.

Someone had mentioned James Pond before, he's featured in this game, fyi.

I must have replayed the campaign over and over and over and over and over again. Amazing game.

So... Does this mean we'll be playing baseball against robots in 8 years?

this popped into my head for some reason.

Captcha: Fall guy. Why yes captcha, I do use my co-op partners as meat shields in Dark Souls.

Wish I still had that game...



That one is a personal favorite of mine.

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