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I couldn't find anything similar, but it's very hard to search for, so apaologies in advance.

The idea is that I post a versus question, the next person answers it and then poses a new one. It's all for fun, so be creative and most importantly please no flaming!!
I'll start.
Sparkling or flat water?


Star wars or Star Trek?

Star wars

Mario or Sonic?


Red or Blue?

Blue. No, maybe red. Dammit!

Coke or Pepsi?

solid snake or sam fisher

Sam Fisher

McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's?

Burger King

Jesus or Buddha?


New Fallout or New Elder Scrolls?

New Elder Scrolls.

Black Mesa or Aperture?

Black Mesa

Mac OS, Windows, or Linux?


Marvel or DC?


Sofa or couch (as in, how do you prefer saying it?)


Ice magic or Fire magic?

Fire Magic

Superman or Goku?


COD or Halo?


Paper or plastic?


Edit: Coffee or tea?

Neither? OK, if I have to pick one, tea.

Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony?

Ouch, hard one. I love them all! I guess Sony.
Guitar or piano?


Baroque or Classical?

Classical, but both are nice.
Porche or Ferrari?


StarWars of Warhammer 40,000? Hey, it's an easy choice!

Star Wars

Sega CDi or Virtual Boy?

Sorry, ninja'd.
Virtua boy. It's pretty much the 3DS!

Simpsons or family guy?

Family Guy.

Navy vs Air Force?
Edit: @OP: There is already one like this.
But it died AAAAGES ago. I think I was the last poster...
*feels old...*

Troublesome Lagomorph:
Family Guy.

Navy vs Air Force?

Navy, only for SEALs and NCIS.
Simspons or Futurama (you can probably guess from my avatar which one I prefer)

EDIT: Sorry, I couldn't find one when I searched. But I guess if it's that old it's ok?


South Park of The Simpsons.

South Park
Let's change the subject.
Egypt: Ex-President Hosni Mubarak or the protesters?


cylons or humans


Electric or acoustic?

Electric acoustic. It's the only way.

Keypad tones, on or off?

Electric acoustic. It's the only way.

Keypad tones, on or off?

CoD or Halo?


COD4 or Black Ops.

COD4, however I have not played either.

Friendship 7 or Apollo 10?

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