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New or familiar?


Into the fray or think before entering?

Think before entering. Tend to spend less lives playing that way.

Afterlife or reincarnation?


Long hair or Short hair (on a girl)?

Short hair

Shorter than you or taller than you (on opposite gender)?

shorter (although since I am not very tall myself, this can be a problem)

mustache or goatee?


Do you want your wings to be dragon wing or bird wing?

Neither! Angel wings!
I do love that picture!

Heavy metal or Rock music?

Rock. My hydro pump is super effective against it.

Analog watch or digital watch?


Angry Video Game Nerd or The Spoony One?

I... O.O ...the spoony one?

SCIENCE! or Magics?

Magics (cuz unexplained things are more entertaining!)

Holy powers(Healing, flying, support, etc) or destructive powers(Fucking shit up)?

Holy (I can fuck shit up as it is)

Law or Chaos?

Law is overrated. I choose that.

The highest mountain, the lowest valley or the widest river?

To keep me from getting to you babe.

Widest river.

Water or Fire?

I stumbled across this.

Rick Astley or Eduard Khil (Mr. Trololo)?

Mr. Trololo!

Mars or Neptune?

Neptune, it's a cooler planet. Unsure about the gods though.

Plasma or laser weapons?

Plasma! It is stronger!

Fire or Ice (offensive magic)

Fire (Is super-effective against Ice)

Anima, Light or Dark magic?

Dark magic

Spice or Chilli?


Ginger or Pepper?


Hug or handshake?


Tentacles or tails?


Text or phone call?


Superman or Captain America?

Captain America.
Nega Wisp Armor or Egg Dragoon?

What are those things? *Google both of them*

Egg dragoon.

Trip or slip?


Long hair, tied back or let loose?

Depending on how long... let loose.

Matches or lighter?


Drawing or painting?

Drawing (it's annoying waiting for the paint to dry if you used too much paint.)

Wood or metal?

Metal Man kicks Wood Man's ass. Kind of like everyone else's.

Diarrhea or constipation? (Let's see how long it takes for someone to answer...)

Constipation, at least there exists prune juice....

Pizza or hotdog?


Chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate?

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