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Hot chocolate milkshake.

Mustache or beard?


Shampoo or hair conditioner?

Shampoo, though I'd rather have both.

Easter or Halloween?


Good guys getting their rewards or Bad guys getting punishs?

Good guys getting rewarded.
Autumn or Spring?

Spring (town looks lovely with the trees in bloom)

Summer or Winter?


Fish or butterflies?

Fish tastes better.

Unicycle or penny farthing?

Unicycle? What the heck is the other thing?

Trumpet or Clarinet. Warning, answer may change my opinion of you.

Assuming you play one of them, I'll go with trumpet.

What the heck is the other thing?

Only the best thing with two wheels ever!

Time or space?

Xbox controller (original Xbox) or PS2 controller?

PS2. All the way.


Red! Suck it, Blue!

Sly Cooper or Jak and Daxter?

Jak and Daxter

Versus mode or co-op mode?


Tuna or chicken?


Salmon or Mackerel?

Mackerel (salmon is ok...)

Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?

Final Fantasy. Never played Dragon Quest.

School or job?

School...I guess...
Fairy or Pixie?


Tundra or Marsh?


First or last? (Interpret that anyway you want.)


Ketchup or catsup?

Neither cause ketchup is gross.

Pool or lake?

Pool (fuck lakes, cold as shit)

Baby duck or baby chicken? (which is cutest)

Baby duck

King Penguin or Emperor Penguin?

Emperor Penguin, though I'm not really sure why.

Sneak around or walk normally?

Sneak around; How else will I be interesting?

Right hand or left hand?

Right hand. But I sometimes try to be ambidextrous.

Knee or elbow?

You can slap it when you're having a good time.

Stiff back or migraine?

Migraine; I want to be able to stretch myself

Gorilla or Gorillaz?

Gorilla (A pet gorilla? Yes please)

Monkey or Chimp?


Claw hammer or gooseneck crowbar?

Claw hammer

Giant Panda or Red Panda? (Master Shifu is a Red Panda from the film Kung Fu Panda.)

Red Panda.

Fox or wolf?


Boobies or Bottoms?

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