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Beer or breakfast?
....Or beer for breakfast?

Breakfast (I prefer food)

7-UP or Sprite?


Japan or Korea(south)

Japan (I do like Anime and Manga)

Spain or Germany?

Spain, I guess... since it's a part of our country's history.

Math or Grammar?

Grammar despite my hate for it (but I hate math more :P)

Battery, AA or AAA?


Online or Offline?

Offline, better face to face conversations. That and you can't kiss people online.

Spiderman vs Deadpool.

Deadpool (obviously)

Hero or Villain?


Ice cream sandwich or ice cream sandae?

ice cream sundae

pizza or burger?

Burger, not a huge fan of pizzas.

Chicken or Beef?


black or white?

Black (especially regarding the Pokemon version)

Saturday or Sunday?

Saturday (these days I have to work on Sunday).

Trying a new and exotic food that you may end up hating or order something familiar that you loved to eat?


Beer or Cider?

Cider (most beer tastes like arse)

Hot & Spicy or Mild?

hot and spicy

cookies and cream or pistachio?

Cookies and cream.

Hover cars or Jet packs?

jet packs.

Lord Of The Rings or The Elder Scrolls?

Elder Scrolls

Horse or Zebra?


Hot or cold drinks in general? (Don't say it depend on the temperature!)

Cold drinks. Depends on the temperature though

To trust or to doubt?

To trust. Just my choice.

Beer or orange juice?

Orange Juice (beer tastes like doo doo!)

Hippo Vs Rhino!?


Goat or Ram?

I'mma skip the possible bot.

Ram! Closer to Rum than some would think!

Metro 2033 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

STALKER. I like an open world, even if its ultra hostile.

Guild Wars 2 or WoW?
I couldn't think of anything more recent. There's my knowledge of MMORPGs for you.

Guild Wars 2 (WoW bored me)

Cod Vs Haddock (which fish tastes better?)

Cod (I don't think I had Haddock?)

Rice or pasta?

Rice, usually. Sometimes pasta is rocking however.

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi. No contest.

With ice or without ice?

Without (I hate watered down drinks, unless the ice is made of the same drink I am drinking)

Revolver or Pistol? (which looks cooler)

Revolver, personal choice is a 1851 Colt Navy Revolver.

Hand gun or rifle?

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