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Wet or dry foods?

Wet (like steak?)

Wand or Staff (for magic)

Staff. You can do so much with a staff (multipurpose). Also I'm more LOTR than HP. Way more.

Eggnog with Coke or Eggnog with rum?

Eggnog with rum, for the festive times.

Cheese or cheese whiz on sandwiches?


Regular doughnut or doughnut with alot of suger on it (like chocolate coated or with sprikles etc)?


Green or Red pepper?



RED personally.

Halloween candy or Easter chocolate?

Easter chocolate

Crunchy or chewy?

Sour or spicy?

Spicy (love my spicy food)

Baseball Cap or Sunglasses (to prevent sun getting in your eyes?)

definitely sunglasses.

sculptures or paintings?


Saturn Or Jupiter?


Books or comics?

science or magic?


Birthday or Christmas?

Christmas (my birthday are never been special).

Is Birthday to celebrate for your birth or to be fear for being a year closer to your death (if you lived to be old age)?

Maybe it's to celebrate that you've actually lived to be so old? If I have to choose, I'd say maybe the last one though.

Starshine or moonlight?


Biscuits or Crumpets?

coraline or the corpse bride?

Maybe Coraline, haven't seen that one in ages.

Losing your keys or losing your phone?

The corpse bride but only because I'm slightly more familiar with that one.

Peanut butter or jam for spreading on toast?

Jam, no question.

Correcting your posts when you've been ninja'd or just leave them be. <.<


Pirates or Marines?

Pirates! (Despite having a freind who is one... they kinda ruined the Alien Vs Predator Experince for me)
The Wild West or Space?


Short range or long range?

Long range (guns yay!)

Cupcake or Queencake?


Tart or brownie?


Straight to the end or going through the journey (in regard to a story)?

Going through the journey! Learning the end of the book before you read it is terribly stupid.

Tanks or airplanes as interesting weapons of war?

Airplanes (You've got Reconnaissance,Bombs & Paratroopers)
Pizza or Spaghetti ?


Herpes or Genital Warts?


Ok herpes...the other one sounds bad for my below region.

A needle in the eye or a baseball up the butt? (Eew...I wish I didn't say that)

I need my eyes so... *gets very, very, very, very, very drunk*

Physical pain or emotional pain?

Physical pain heals, emotions might not...

Man, that was really gay...

Fire or Ice? (as a power)

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