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Physical pain heals, emotions might not...

Man, that was really gay...

Fire or Ice? (as a power)

Ice, fire is too destrutive despite I want it to keep myself warm

Shortbow or Longbow?

Preferably compound.

Beer of wine.
(If neither just say water and that Dr.Susse is an alcoholic.)

Wine (me no like much beer)

Vodka or Rum?

Vodka please.

Dangerous chemicals giving you superpowers or dangerous supernatural curses giving you superpowers?


Law Vs Chaos!


Bruce Lee or Clint Eastwood?


Man Or Machine?

Machine (man is so last week!)

Skip rope or Jump rope?

Skip rope

Black or Blue?


Can't come up with an idea/ imagination or having too many ideas to draw/ write it down?

Pirates. More fun and free. More rum too.

Rum or Gin?

Gin (I also believe dear Redlin5 didn't check the next page)

Cookie or Biscuit?


Tea or Coffee


El Dorado or Atlantis?


Live alone in an expensive place, or live with randoms in a cheap place?

Expensive place (I can always invite people over)

Snow White or Cinderella?

Snow White.

Captain Hook or Captain Barbossa?

Captain Barbossa.

Pirates or space pirates?

Space pirates!

Traditional ninjas or tech ninjas?

Traditional ninjas. We don't need no fancy guns!

Frieza or Cooler?


Manga or Anime?

Manga, for the most part.

Books or movies?


Job interview via Q&A or in a form of an activities (get you to perform or act while they judge your from it)?


Hippo or Rhino?

Hippo. I like his rhymes more.

Dancing or singing along to music.

Singing. Though dancing can be fun too.

Pretty demons or ugly angels?


Headshot or Nutshot?

Nutshot. I can take it. *pats balls of steel*

Ergo Proxy or Serial Experiments Lain?


National Broadcast Network or Supercommuter?


Hovercraft or Submarine?

Hovercraft (Skid free road rage)

Long or Short hair?


Chupacabras or Greys?


Snakes or Scorpions?

Snakes. I don't like either but I dislike Scorpions more.

Funny internet videos or funny television shows?

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