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Full time (but student, so it doesn't count)

Up or Down?

UP it was a good movie that I never saw.

Chicken or fish?


Indoor or Outdoor?

Escapist or fight?


Lawn bowls or curling?



JRPG (only because I haven't played that many WRPG)

Pirate or Navy?

Pirate, of course

Samurai or ninja?

Samurai. Way cooler and less invisible.

Finger cramps or nose cramps?

Finger Cramps

Knight or Brigand?

Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem, I guess.

Gamecube or Wii?

Wii (it plays game-cube games as well as it's own games)

Nintendo or Sega?

Nintendo, by the time I really got into games, Sega was a low (a sonic '06 low)

PC or Console?

Console (Mainly because installation and other such things are a pain in the neck, also not shelling out 600-1000 quid on a computer I would rarely game on)

Pen or Pencil?


Hot chocolate or chocolate bar?

Chocolate bar.

Drive four hours for a close family Christmas or drive two for an extended family one.
A real decision for me.

Four hours for a close one.

Drinking or texting while driving?

Neither! (If I have to choose, texting)

Fire Vs Ice?


Hard boiled sweet or soft chewy sweet?

Soft and chewy sweet.

Battlefield or Call of Duty

Call of Duty(don't hurt me)

Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls?

Mass Effect (as it is the only one of the two series I actually have a taste of)

Walking Dead vs Game of Thrones


Don't watch either.

Good cop or bad cop (which would you be?)

Good cop

Get crapped on or do someone over 70?

Do someone over 70, hey, if they used a nautical ton of anti aging cream and hair dye, they could still look amazing!

Hotdogs or hamburgers?


Odd or even? (I may have asked this before.)

I'm odd, so I'll go with that.

Red or Blue?

Apple or strawberry?


American or British comedy?

British, no contest.

To be or not to be?

(That is the question!)

To be.

Corner Gas vs The Littlest Hobo.

Yes...wait no...wait, what are either of those?

Chocolate or Pizza?

Chocolate, on a pizza.... way better than the other way around

Raise the roof or get down?

Get down!!

Steak or Chicken?

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