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American or British stand-up comedy?


Manual work or office work?

Manual work, easily.


Falling on your face or landing on your back?

Landing on back, I can't afford to injure my gorgeous face!

Ghost or Psychic type? (Pokemon related)


Fight or flight?

Flight. He who runs away lives to fight another day.

Tea and biscuits or coffee and cake?

Tea and biscuits! (I hate coffee)

Hard mode or easy mode?

Hard mode. Easy mode was a cakewalk when I put in the disc again for the first time in years.

Steam or retail disc sets?

Retail disc sets. I still prefer physical games.

Sony Smash Bros or Super Smash Bros?

Only have a Wii in console terms, so Super wins it out by default. I'm not a big fan though.

Dragon Age or Mass Effect?

Mass Effect

Medal of Honor series or Call of Duty series?

Call of Duty
Hugs or handshakes?

Hugs! (I liek hugs)

Dead or Alive? (How do you collect your bounty?)

Alive. Let my employer deal with the death part. I just want the money.

Star Wars! Empire or Republic?

Final fantasy or Dragon quest?

Dragon Quest
No friends or horrible friends

Horrible friends.

Us or them?


Judge Dredd or Batman when it come to enforcing the law?

Batman has more cred at this point, I think.

Final Fantasy VII or VIII?

Haven't played either.

Lego or Minecraft?


Thief 3 or Dishonored

havn't played either let's go with dishonored cause its easier to find.

darkness or evil?


Let's plays or pod casts?

What would you prefer to view/ Watch.

Paragon or renegade?


Snake Eye (GI Joe) or Dare Devil?

Snake Eye.

60's movies or 70's movies?


Calvin and Hobbes or Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear?

Calvin and Hobbes.

Dry wit or slapstick?

Slapstick (although dry wit is hilarious as well)

12 AM or 12 PM (what time of the day do you prefer?)

Sleeping or lunch? I suppose that depends on if I have a good dream, and just how good that lunch is! I'll say 12pm, cause I have more control over that time of day.

My birthday or your unbirthday?

wha......your birthday.... I guess.

Copy or Paste?


Copy or Cut?

Cut. Kill the original!

Pasta or spaghetti?

Pasta. Feels less like you're eating worms.

Snot green or Blood red?

But spaghetti is pasta..!? Fellas?

OT: BLOOD RED! No, actually snot green.. green's my favorite color.

Shyguy or Bob-om?

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