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I can relate better to bob-ombs, shyguys I've only met in Yoshi's Island.

Good ending or canonical ending?

...can't we have both? Canonical ending then.

Traditional books or E-books?

Traditional books. I spend enough time watching screens. (Also, I forget the last time an ending in a game was both good AND canonical).

Jetpack or grappling hook?

Jet Pack (makes the grappling hook obsolete)

Noodles or Spaghetti?


Do you prefer the number 4 look like this-

Or this? (Open top)


Ken or Ryu?

Ryu because a bandanna is needed if you are going to fight properly.

Laptop or the bigger one that sits on the floor?

As we speak, one is running Saints Row, the other is open on this page.
Laptop wins.

When someone says FPS, do you think of Frames per Second or First Person Shooter.


Is rare steak the best way to eat it?

I liked mine medium.

Ruby or Sapphire?

Water beats ground, therefore Sapphire.

X or Y?

X (marks the spot).

Office UK or Office US?

Office UK

Rook or Bishop? (Chess pieces)


Blackjack or Poker?

Deep down Euchre but Poker out of those two.

Card games or board games?

Card games

Work or Procrastination?

I'll answer your question later.

Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

Mickey Mouse

Witch or Warlock?


All day or all night?

All day. Or maybe all night? I'm usually up all night, so I guess I'll go with all night.

Witch or bitch?


Dog or cat?

Cat, but really neither.

Futurama or the Simpsons?


Stress (emtional) or strain (physical)?

Stress, I can handle stress.

The good of the few or the needs of the many?

The needs

all-knowing or all-powerfull

All knowing

Beef or Pork?


Taco or burrito?


Breakfast or Dinner?

I like dinner better, but I'd rather skip dinner than breakfast.

Explore space or the sea?

I'll explore the sea I guess

Desktop computers or Laptop computers?

Desktop computers (I like to played games on it despite the advantage of the laptop being portable).

Wand (one handed) or staff (two handed)?

Staff. I feel like a wand could be too easily broken.. or misplaced.

Break a leg or good luck?

Good luck.

Break a finger or a toe?


Monsters or aliens?


Corp. or Inc?

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