You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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When you've won two threads which had turned into "Who can leave the last post" contests.

When you can close you eyes move the mouse and still hit post.

When you get irritated by threads not loading...

When you have to make an alternate account because of reasons.

When you have to make an alternate account because of reasons.

Were you banned?

when you have escapist cravings

When you randomly remember threads like this out of the blue.

When you have no memory of this place...


When you post in this thread. And don't look at me. I've never been here before either.

You look down to see what colour your socks are and end up banging your head on the tabletop.

When you start posting regularly in R&P

When you look up and don't recognize your reflection.

When you're more interested in when some game comes out than you are in where your kids are...

You can't remember your own birthday.

When you literally dream of posting on The Escapist.

When the latest ZP video invades your dreams.

You have more escapist friends than real life friends.

You read posts in the voice of Microsoft Sam.

You review your posts in your dreams.

You speak in Escaparino.

When your name is Redlin5.


When you can recall the birthdays of at least 365 members.

When you hear the word "Escapist" and you think it is related only with the site:

We are ALL Wrong.

When you know the national anthem.

you use escapist lingo in your everyday speech.

Y'all put y'alls in y'alls everyday conversation.

When you need a break from the site.

When you become someone truly terrible.

You only comment on threads that coincide with your 100+ friends list...

you envy the post counts of others.

You only post in User Groups...

You only post in Esperanto.

You post more than you lurk or you lurk more than you post...

You spend long afternoons considering the walrus.

You're glad that one user came back to the forums...

You sit and dine with ghosts.

You listen to back-to-back podcasts...

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