Your avatar -vs- the one above

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Clue is in the title your avatar vs the one above you. So I will start will pyramid head nice easy one.

Vampire kills Pyramid Head. Who can beat mine, huh?

If it weren't for my avatar you wouldn't exist, I win.

Edit: Damn... I guess mine does since I can kill you with a thought.

Uh.. My OC.. Desperatly tries to lie his way out of the fight and gets his ass kicked

He makes the gesture at you. Look at it. The gesture. He makes it at you. You're in trouble now!

I don't know who that is, but he'll be running away screaming.

<He claps his hands together and a giant spike comes out of the ground and kills your gesture!

EDIT: Shit! Oh, well, the defeat of that fellow is easy, all you'd have to do is close your eyes.

Super sonic defeatrs your melt-face man!

EDIT beats that random kid then, someone always beats me to it on these post's always when I never see them until I post.

The Most Evil Shark in the world devours Sonic before he can get away!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... Pikachu, make yourself useful. Give that dapper shark electroshock therapy!

Well my avatar is the commentator from the dragonball fighting tournament, not really a fighter.

However, ekonk's avatar is the dieing german dude from Indiana Jones, therefore I win.

>Edit, fat(?) crying(?) pikachu, errm, mine might win...

I don't know who that is, but he'll be running away screaming.

No no, obviously the unfortunate condition of your avatar was caused by The Gesture.

Travis Touchdown's beam katana slices through all

FUUUUUUUU... *slice*

why did it have to be travis :(

Humphrey Bogart beats everything

Oh yeah these 2 can win

(also theres already a thread like this )
lookin forward to new folk

I don't even know who they are...I still win.

Smoking porcelain girl who is slowly rotting away enters her very soul and devours her life energy.

Think you can win against a Lumberjack? Think again

hmmm mabby but eldar gardains arent know for the robustness so mabby the lumberjack.

*Suplexes lumberjack shattering its skeleton*
Can you defeat something that regularly defeats gods? (If you answered "yes", you're a liar)

Himm the gesture vs a nut job with enough guns to star a small war and anger issues.
Yeea I'm going with the punisher on this on. He once punched out a gorilla and he probably like gorillas, really doesn't like people. nope deferentially not a people person.

Owned by the lightning shooting evil toddler.

Hmm...Grell avoids the attack or even gets attacked, gets back up, reaps and proceeds to watch his life film with popcorn.

I have no idea who that is, but they're burning to death now.

None can withstand the power of... the sun itself!!!

I don't even know who they are...I still win.

They are Calculator's from ff tactics they use maths to melt reality and your aviator just got turned in to a soap bubble, anyone got a pin? :)

Now this is an interesting match up.

Game Over! My Kirby came prepared!!!!

*Pictures Kirby getting funnelraped...*

...I don't know what's going on there.
But I'm fucked.

Fucked, more like MINDFUCKED.

I don't care what you are Bruce lee with lightsaber nun chucks beats all.

IDK what your avatar is.....But Im sure hollow ichigo wins :P

Man, Godot will take you to court and sue you for your franchise and everything else you have. There is no beating this guy.

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