Would you rather?

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Ok so this game is someone ask a would you rather question then the next person answers
yes or no
then ask there own
sooo...ill start!

Would you rather
Die awesomely so awesome that it goes down in history! but its slow and painful
Or a death that no one but your family remembers its quick and painless

I'd rather die quick and painlessly.

Would you rather drink Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Pepsi! 0% fat!

would you rather
be vegan for a year or wear ALL yellow for a year

All yellow, because being a Vegan would probably toll wonders on my budget and/or daily energy, even if by some definitions it would be more healthy.

Would you rather listen to an hour long performance by a slightly off-key Pipe organ or an hour long performance of video game music via Sonargraph?

Pipe organ...those things are badass!

Would you rather
Be forced into the army
or be a slave

Do slaves get guns?

Would you rather eat a whole turkey or a punch bowl full of jello?

turkey. dont care for jello much.

would you rather have your nose broken or have a fingernail pulled off?

Probably my fingernail pulled off. Although I am kind of squeamish about that kind of thing.

Would you rather dive into a pool of sharks, or sleep inside a cage filled with lions?

would you rather get shot or hit by a car?

Probably shot by a bullet. Although that REALLY depends on where I got shot.

Would you rather eat a dozen cockroaches or eat a pound of spoiled meat?

The cockroaches. at least I can boil them clean.

Would you rather colonize another planet, or the bottom of the ocean?

Another planet.

Would you rather be unloved but happy, or unhappily in love?

unloved and happy :D

would you rather
die alone but quickly and painlessly
Or die with your family but its slow and painful


Would you rather shoot a stranger in the head, or yourself in the kneecap?

stranger! wait do i get in trouble for it?

would you rather have 100 online friends that you can always talk to or a single friend irl that you only see every other day?

Can't I have 50 online friends and a crappy irl friend?
100 online otherwise.

Would you rather have über spicy food or food completely without seasoning?

Without seasoning. (I interpret über spicy as in so spicy I won't be able to feel my tongue or taste anything for quite a while)

Would you rather have the power to go back in time to any point you want but not being able to go forward (except for the normal flow of time which you are probably using all the time anyway) or the power to go forward in time to any point you want, without being able to go back?
(Both at jumps of at least 100 years.)


Would you rather have bacon or internet?

Internet, I'm not such a bacon fanboy.

Would you rather drink coffee or tea?


Would you rather have a cybernetic arm or a cybernetic leg?

The arm I guess...
If I can't have both or en entire robotic body...

Would you rather have your free will taken away with the Evil Presence spell from Overlord 2 or by being roboticized by Robotnik?

Roboticized. Hell I've always wanted a full prosthetic body.
Since after I saw GitS SAC that is.

Would you rather have a railgun or a plasma gun?

plasma gun!

would you rather
Cut your own arm off or your leg (your forced to)

With today's tech, my leg.
With shiny future tech, my arm. Cybernetic swiss army knife-arm ftw.

Would you rather have a son or a daughter?

son! :3

Would you rather
take a pill that let you live forever but you go bald or not

Take it... I already lost my hair anyway...
Then again, it's coming back...
Well, my Dr Evil impersonation will be flawless again.

Would you rather eat apple cake or apple pie?


Would you rather die or die?


Would you rather give an incorrect answer or a correct answer to a question that only gives you 2 possible answers which are exactly the same?

Give an incorrect answer, causing a paradox and imploding the universe

Would you rather get kicked in the balls 5 times or have your eye removed with a plastic spoon?

Get kicked in the balls.
My eyesight is bad enough as it is.

Would you rather be have your gender forcefully changed or you sexual preference?

I assume you mean sex. So I'd choose the sex change.

Would you rather have a giant mech or an army of redshirts?

Army of redshirts!

Would you rather
have world wide fame
or a money making machine thats completely legal

Money making machine.
Who cares about fame?
And if I still want fame, I just have to spend some money.

Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breath in outer space?

breath in outer space!
then i can colonize mars!

Would you rather
Be invincible
be super strong

Invincible, no doubt about it.

Would you rather: spend the rest of you're (long) life being harassed by an invincible troll, or spend the rest of you're (short and happy) life as a red shirt.

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