Would you rather?

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Wonder why.

Would you rather
tell me
change the subject?

Tell me!

Would you rather play Portal 2 now or later?


Would you rather huggle or snuggle?

Snuggle. Seems more intimate.

Would you rather drink Coke or Pepsi?

Coke. I never touch Pepsi.

Would you try to eat your own finger if you would be rewarded with a life in luxury and assured happiness?

Which finger? Probably not, because I play piano occasionally, and having too few fingers makes it more difficult. Also, a life of luxury would get boring quick.

Would you, if you fell off a tall building,
land on someone, killing them but saving you
miss the person, killing yourself but saving them.

land of the person

Would you rather

Er... sleep.

Would you rather catch a Metapod that won't evolve or a Magikarp that won't evolve?

Magikarp. I'd put it in a bowl. Or fry it.

Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater?

Fly! No question about it.

Would you rather eat a grenade or razor wire?

Grenade. I wouldn't have to pull the pin, so it'd be reasonably safe.

Would you rather swim in a pool of jelly,
bathe in baked beans?

Pool of jelly.
With jelly, you mean like pudding right?

Would you rather sleep on the ground or sleep on the table?

Ground. Then you don't fall off and hurt yourself.

Would you rather get stung by a boxer jellyfish or bitten by a cobra?

Box jellyfish, because I have those where we live.

Would you rather be able to beat Devil May Cry 3 on the American Dante Must Die level, or beat any Touhou game on Lunatic?

Beat Devil May Cry 3

Would you rather fly a plane, or a helicopter.

Helicopter - More manoeuvrable and they sound better.

Blindness of the ears or deafness of the eyes?


Would you rather
revive a thread and get banned
revive it but it gets derailed

Derailed, because that's fun to watch.

Would you rather get killed by a literal killer guitar solo or a speeding train?


Would you rather
Be shot in the head


Would you rather be Smart or lucky


Would you rather
be the smartest man ever
the richest ever


Would you rather work until you become something or take a handout?


Would you rather


Would you rather have Sonic properly return to form but only for one game, or disappear for five years before having another full-on reboot?

Sonic? Is that that blue hedgehog thingy?

Would you rather smell like crap 24/7 or have no hands?

Smell like crap. Could always use deodorant or blame it on someone else.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?


Would you rather
Lose your arms

Blind? Seriously?

Oh well, legs I guess. I'm not moving much as it is anyway.

Would you rather swim in a pool of human blood for an hour, or hang upside down for 8 hours?

human blood
it washes off at least

Would you rather
Take a cold shower in winter
a really hot shower in summer

Blind? Seriously?

Yes...it raises all my other senses to near superhuman

Yeah and it doesn't matter who you date because you can just imagine them being superhot

Would you rather be going about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?

Hmm... Sleep for a year. Gets me out of doing anything.

Would you rather be able to sing brilliantly, or run like Ussein Bolt (not sure if his name is right...)

run :3

Would you rather
Take a cold shower in winter
a really hot shower in summer

Hot shower in Summer.

Would you rather meet Freddie Mercury or John Lennon?

dont know either of them

would you rather watch
American dad
family guy

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