Would you rather?

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villian or hero?

Whoops, ninja'd.

Villain. They're more interesting.
Ninja or pirate?

Ninja. Pirates are too simple.

Would you rather
Have no emotions
Overreact, often violently?

Overreact. It's better to feel something than nothing at all.

Cake or Pie?

Depends on the pie/cake. Meat and Potato is really nice, but so's chocolate cake. Savoury or sweet...

Eh, I'll go with cake.

Queen or the Beatles?

The Beatles, no doubt about it. I would totally do the Beatles.

Consoles or PC?

my PC sucks

Would you rather
Be a spartan
a space marine (40k)

What kind of spartan?

Would you rather herp or derp? (Yes, I'm lazy)

What kind of spartan?

Would you rather herp or derp? (Yes, I'm lazy)

i should of mention it was from halo XD


Would you rather
do this
OR that

That. I've never found this to be that interesting.

Would you rather have a tad of something, or a smidgeon of something?

A tad, because it seems just a little bit more than a smidgeon.

Would you rather date Rena, Mion, or Shion?

I have no idea who they are, but I'll go with Rena. Her name doesn't rhyme.

Would you rather be anorexic or obese?

Obese. Fat people are cool and jolly!

Like Gabe Newell, Michael Moore and Steve Balmer!

Would you rather be a fish or a reptile?

Reptile, specifically a dragon. That'd be so cool along with other things...

Would you rather live in the universe of Warhammer 40K
the universe of Starcraft?

40k...dont know starcraft

Would you rather
die from burning


No question about it.

Would you rather make out with a siberian tiger or Charlie Sheen?

The tiger. Just cause it's an endangered species and needs some lovin'

Would you rather travel the world for a year,
Go into space for an hour.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm going through a phase of making something in my posts smaller

Travel for a year, a much greater life experiece.

Would you rather, be rich or famous?

Famous. I don't care for many as long as I survive, but fame and respect is priceless.

Would you rather have a lightning bolt tattoo or a piercing?


Awnser A

Pickle. I have a terrible discrimination complex against the individual letters.

Would you rather have some Cadbury Dairy Milk

Edit: Also, 800th post! woo!


Would you rather
be good at spelling

Spelling. Maths is less interesting.

Would you rather be able to read
blindly go through life, oblivious to everything.


Would you rather own a glock or have your own wikipedia article?

Glock 7

would you rather play PS3 or Xbox or PC


Would you rather
learn Chinese

Chinese. They are taking over the world.

Would you rather have my avatar as a wallpaper or in your wallet?

Both, but if I could only choose one it would be my wallpaper. I'd never want to relate Bolt to something as crass as money !

Would you rather
meet Stephen Fry
meet Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen! He is bi-winning!

Would you rather watch South Park or The Simpsons?

South Park, since I don't know it as well. And that 'Imaginationland' arc was hi-larious.

Would you rather become a better rapper than Eminem or a better actor than Alec Guinness?

I don't like the first and don't know the second...

Would you rather eat apples or oranges?

Apples. Hey! I have some in my fridge!

Would you rather wake up uncomfortably early or sleep late and miss something important?

I'd rather wake up. Being awake is awesome.

Would you rather be John-117 (Master chief), or Thel 'Vadam (The arbiter)?

Alcatraz (Crysis 2)

Would you rather
make up an answer if you don't like the ones given


Would you rather play an Rp or read the utimate hitch hikers' guide to the galaxy?

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