Would you rather?

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That. Because I've already had this.

Would you rather have a laptop or a desktop computer?

Laptop, cause I'm ALWAYS online.

I originally wanted ask a pretty sexual question, but then I remembered how terrible an idea that is. So...

Yaoi or Yuri?


Overly-happy or overly-sad?

Overly happy.

Would you rather have mjcabooseblu ask an even more sexual question or not?


Would you rather stay the same, or change gender?

Stay the same.

Would you rather have no avatar, or get an awesome avatar?

Awesome avatar.

Would you rather be infamous and be remembered for ever
not be remembered at all?

Not remembered at all.

Remembered by many or forgotten by all?

Forgotten by all.

Would you rather be the only survivor of an apocalypse of any sort except for one girl who happens to be a robot built to keep you alive
the robot girl, who happens to be being powered by someone's soul?

The only survivor of an apocalypse of any sort except for one girl who happens to be a robot built to keep you alive it is.

Would you rather be in Cuba or Mexico?

Oh geez, that's a hard one. I'd go with Mexico.

Would you rather wake up without balls or with boobs? (scary one, isn't it?)

With boobs!
But not manboobs

Would your rather have power over time or over reality?

Over reality.

Would you rather break a glass house by playing metal music really loud, or be a sensible person?

Break the glass house, coz why not?

Would you rather meet your hero or not?

Hero? I like heroes...
Especially when they DIE!

Would you rater get wet or get sticky?


Would you rather
Be hot or cold

Cold! Tops or bottoms? :D (an ever important question.)

Um, bottoms?

GLAdOS or Wheatley?


Run around the world (equator distance), or play Desert Bus for as long as that would take?

Desert Bus.

Would you rather eat tofurkey, or eggplant omelet?

I don't know either of those, so I'll just eat your soul!

Would you rather get an avatar or have me eat your soul?

Feast upon my soul!

Date or One night stand?


Would you rather be have the power of bending spoons or bending forks?

Bending forks. I could make all kinds of kick-ass weaponry.

Would you rather have awesome sex once a year and or have really bland sex every day?

Really awesome sex every day.

Would you rather e tortured every day for the rest of your life or be bored fot all eternity?

Tortured? Boredom is worse.

be a guy or be a girl?

Girl. I can be a guy every day.
Also much more choice in clothing.

Would you rather be able to choose your gender before you are born or have it picked randomly?

Be able to choose.

Cuddle or kiss? (god I need to think about something else for a change.)

Why should one go without the other?
I assume the relationship is good enough since kiss was one of the options...

Would you rather loos your spacebar or your ctrl key?

Spacebar; my tab key functions as a second spacebar, and only performs the usual tab functions when I hold Fn. HA!

Alright, here's another: You find yourself in a room with an exact clone of yourself. They have your memories and your skills. The room has nothing in it, and you will be able to leave in 2 hours, at which point the clone will disappear and nobody will know about it.

Now: Do you fight the clone...or do you fuck it?

Bear in mind, this isn't some kind of false dichotomy; those are really the only options. The room is empty, so there's nothing to entertain yourselves with. It's an exact duplicate of yourself, so conversation would be boring. This really only leaves two options: brawling or boning. If you're fighting a clone with a guaranteed expiration date, they sure as hell aren't going to hold back; it would be a harrowing and exhilarating experience. If you're fucking them, you and it both know exactly what pleases you; it will probably be the best sex you'll ever have.

So? Which one? Also, anyone who wants can feel free to answer, not just the next poster.

Eh, I don't really read Cracked that much anymore. DOB is funny though.

Oh, and fight. I've always wanted the rush of a truly even fight.

Would you betray your morals for the sake of money? Or would you deny yourself riches so that you could sleep at night?

Deny, deny, deny.
It's what keeps me going......and sleep is worth the time it takes.

Would you rather total independence (EVERYTHING you have to do yourself grow own food and the like) Or live with a more oppressive government than your current one.

Depends. Does this oppressive government include regular beatings? Because if it does SIGN ME UP I'LL BE THE SECRET POLICE!!

So...Narwhals or Owls?


Shinin' or ballin'?

Not sure...

Dog or cat?

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