Would you rather?

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Would you rather
kill a thread
heal it

Heal it

Fight rather fight Zombie Wolverine or normal Wolverine


Would you rather
DO this
OR that


Would you rather wear a banana suit or a hotdog suit?


Would you rather stand or sit?


Would you rather climb Everist or Fuji?

neither :D

Would you rather
answer with option a or b
secret option C?

Secret option C

Would you rather drive a car or a motorbike?

Car. I want to be able to transport my guitars and shit.

Live under a fascist dictatorship or live in a state of anarchy where it's survival of the fittest?

fascist dictatorship.
Would you rather live as a vegetable or purposely overdose on something to avoid the crappy life

Purposefully overdose. Both would be the same in the end. Being a vegetable and being dead are equally exciting.

Would you rather be famous or rich?

Rich, fame is too much of a chore.
Would you rather be burned alive or drowned

Drowned. I've been close to drowning before, and it was actually kind of pleasant after a minute...

Would you rather live in a third world country that is developing fast, or a first world country that is declining?

Live in the first world country for the time being, then jump ship to the fast developing one.

Which prize would you rather have?

A brand new Cheverolet Corvette?


The Contents of this Mystery Box?

Mystery Box. I'm more of an Audi guy, myself.

SimCity or CityVille?


Quiet or loud?


Would you rather play DJ Hero or Guitar Hero?

DJ Hero. Perhaps I'll actually be good at it..

Would you rather design an amusment park or design a skate park?

Skate park, I suck at both them things. ^^

Would you rather hide or seek?


Would you rather be 65 and retired, or 18 and starting uni while struggling with bills?

Second one.

Would you rather be watching awful television shows for free or pay $1000 a month for the best shows ever?

Rather not watch television at all, but I'd go for the $1000 one.

Would you rather have a girlfriend that is an artist or a powerful business woman?

Artist ;-) (Have my eyes set on Emilie Autumn)

Would you rather live in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Afghanistan. The climate is more mild and there are more American troops to protect me. WOOT.

Would you rather give up the need to sleep or eat?

Sleep. Eating is too delicious to give up.

Would you rather have no money and be at peace, or have tons of money and a lot of problems?

Mostly money would make me be at peace, but for this instance I would take the former.

Would you rather hate and always be right, or love and always be wrong?

Hate and always be right. Just like Greg House!

Would you rather have a digital camera or a film camera?

Film camera.

Would you rather have ps2 or ps1.

PS2. Backwards compatibility for the win.

Would you rather repeat what I just said or repeat what I just said?

Or you could go for super secret option 3.

Repeat what I just said.

Would you rather speak Russian or Ukrainian?


Would you rather live in space or in the ocean?

the ocean

Would you rather have
A underground base
a floating fortress

Floating fortress. This implies that I have a way to get to it? And depending on that way to get to my fortress, it would be safe in the event of zompocalypse.

Lucky Charms or Count Chocula?

Count Chocula.

Would you rather have Dr. Cox (Scrubs) or Dr. House (House) for a doctor?

Dr. House

Would you rather be mauled to death by rabid wolverines or sit in a small, dark room until you die?

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