Would you rather?

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Good question! ...I would have to go with... Dr.Couxe Hox Dr. Cox, cause then at least he's not going to mess around with me, just to see if I'm lying or whatever. And also, House doesn't always treat his patients directly, so one of the doctors he sends to me might mess up or something.

Would you rather juggle geese or chickens?

Y'all got ninja'd. Anyway, I choose chickens. At least they won't shit all over me.

Be the most legendary man in history and live to 25, but be unhappy the whole time, or live a peaceful, happy life where you are comPletely unknown.

I choose the peaceful life.

Would you rather be executed by firing squad or guillotine?

Firing squad.

Would you rather have a snake or spider?

Pshah, snake. against the spider?
come on, you can pick up a snake or step on it if you're feeling vindictive.
A spider? Those don't give chances. They don't feel empathy. They feed on our fear, more accurately the urine we produce when we see one.
I'll take my chances with the snake
Killing a dragon with your bare hands or taking on a zombie legion

zombie legion. ^^

would you rather rob a mob boss or a bank?

If the spree goes bad and I'm forced to shoot stuff up, I'd feel less bad if it was a mob hideout I was shooting out

Being set on fire or forced to ingest a cactus

The cactus might not be so bad as some are a good source of nutrients.

Would you rather be a musician or a disc jockey?


Would you rather live as a dumb yokel in the future or a king in the past(any point you want I suppose)?

Hail to the king, baby!

Would you rather go out of style or bring in the new styles?

out of style

Would you rather
kill your family and live
of die and they live

Die. Nobody loves me anyway...

Would you rather eat moldy cheese or moldy bread?

Moldy bread.

Would you rather die of heat exhaustion or drown?

I think if I were to die of heat exhaustion, I'd pass out before I died, so I'll pick that.

Would you rather watch Captain America or Nick Fury?

Nick Fury. ^^

Would you rather high five or brofist?

High five. Oldy but a goody.

Would you rather play NES or SNES?


Would you rather die trying or die running?

Die trying.

Would you rather fail alone or fail with a group?

fail in a group.

Would you rather listen to an album or see them live? (easy) ^^

See them live.

Would you rather build a computer or build a desk?


Would you rather kill the host of a demon or go though some complicated ritual with a high chance of failure to extract it without killing the host?

kill the host

would you rather
shoot someone to death
stab them to death

Shoot them.

Would you rather own a NES or a SNES?


would you rather heal a thread or leave it to die?


Necromancy or pyromancy?


Undead or non-living?

Undead. But I like non-living too. lol

By chance or by fate?

Chance. Fate is annoying

Fate or destiny?

I guess destiny, that would imply I'll succeed... in some manner.

Creator or Destroyer?

I destroy. Entropy's easier to deal with.

Fire or ice powers?

Fire, although I'm afraid of it.

Shrink yourself or make others giant?

Make others giant. Yay for square inverse law!

A dimension of nothingness or the farthest reaches of the cosmos?

Farthest reaches of the cosmos. I want to piss off the edge of the world.

Snort a condom or take the cinnamon challenge?

Cinnamon challenge

Die happy tomorrow or live a miserable life?

Live misery. I'll be living at least.

Would you rather eat spicy or sweet food?

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