Would you rather?

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Would you rather have green hair or blue hair?


Would you rather drive a crappy hybrid or a freaking awesome gas guzzler.

Crappy hybrid.

Would you rather have a backwards cap or an upside down visor?

Backwards cap.

Would you rather have to listen to pop or rap?


Would you rather ride a roller coaster or a water slide?

Water slide.

Would you rather eat a pony, or a turtle?

Turtle I guess... A pony might be too much...

Would you rather have Eumersian get an avatar or an animated avatar?

An avatar.

Would you rather a Western RPG NPC or JRPG NPC?


Would you rather watch Avatar (yiff 3D) or Avatar: The Last Airbender (the live action shitfest)


Would you rather be in Spain or Morocco?

Morocco. I don't like Spain.

Would you rather be attacked by a deer or a cow?


Would you rather fly in a plane from the 30's or sail a boat made of wood and sheet metal.

Plane from the 30's.

Would you rather have no teeth or no hair?

no hair...wigs FTW!

Would you rather lose your arms or legs


Would you rather marry a stupid but pretty girl (who cannot make conversation) or a smart but meh looking girl (who has very good stuff to say)?

smart but meh looking girl

Would you rather stay single
or get married for 100$

Stay single. Hell yes!

Date anyone or never date at all?

Date anyone.

Have to stop using the letter 'e' or the letter 'a'?

Date anyone.
EDIT: Argh! Ninja!
E maybe...
Since it's the one letter which is used the most in Dutch (my native tongue), so that could lead to some hilarious situations...

When you get a multiple choice question asking what your favorite weapon is, would you rather answer
A: Sword
B: Gun
C: Pen
D: Canada


Would you rather
Die slow and painful but go to heaven
quick and painless but you end up in hell

However I die, I always choose Hell.
It's one of my favorite places to be.
I heard that peon Lucifer broke the floor heating while I was gone though...
I'll have to punish him when I get back...

Would you rather have at least 2 options?

Yes!...now post them

Option 1 or option 2.

option 1!

Would you rather
Die or die

Unfortunately, I can't do either.

Would you rather be transported to the world of Pokemon or the world of Digimon?

Pokemon! less chance of dieing

would you rather
be forced to watch all the Pokemon episodes+movies or all of digimon episodes+movies
(you are sitting on a toilet and are given food and water)

Though I'd rather sit somewhere more comfortable and go to the toilet when I need to.

Would you rather dance with the devil or dance with the dead?

No idea!

would you rather torrent a game or buy it


Would you rather derail this thread or have it locked?

De-rail! i want my badges dammit!

Would you rather

Unfortunately, I don't have that function.

Would you rather read a cookbook or cook a book?

read a cookbook!

would you rather
use a oven or a microwave

Depends on what I'm making.

Would you rather eat cookies or cake?


Would you rather post in the Ban game, or The Bed Thread?

bed thread!

Would you rather....I cant think of anything

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