Would you rather?

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Soviet Union.

Would you rather have 500 tarantulas crawling in your house or 1000 crickets jumping around your room?

1000 crickets

Would you rather have cancer or AIDS


Would you rather find $1000000 or true love?

The money.

Would you rather live in another country or stay where you are?

Live in an other country.
Japan to be specific.

Would you rather go home or stay home?

Stay home.

Would you rather work during the day or the night?

Day not to many people rob places in the day

Would you rather
have a machine gun that shoot REALLY REALLY fast but its weak
or slow and powerful

Depends, how slow and how powerful?
Powerful enough to destroy a galaxy?

Would you rather have a lightsaber (and the skills to use it the Force not included) or be able to use the Force?

The force.

Would you rather have one really big and powerful spaceship, or an entire fleet of small ones resulting in the same firepower?

Entire fleet
More stuff they have to aim at

Would you rather
Be in a tank
an tank destroyer

A tank.

Would you rather be on the red or the blue team?

blue team!

Yellow team
Or green team?


Would you rather eat a muffin or bake a muffin for a homeless person.

Eat a muffin!

Would you rather do the Mario or the dance?


Would you rather
kill a thread
revive it

I do believe I've answered this question before...
Kill it, then revive it.


Would you rather sit in a chair or lie on a couch?

Sit in a chair

Would you rather
play on a DS

I've got both and the DS has Pokemon.
It would help the PSP if I could homebrew games for it though...

Would you rather play Dwarf Fortress or Team Fortress?

Team fortress

Wpuld you rather
use a sniper rifle
a assault rifle

Not in TF2 though...

Would you rather wake up with your current gender or the opposite gender?


Would you rather
Play minecraft
do some drugs

Play MineCraft.
What do you think I've been doing all this time?

Would you rather stay as you are or change gender every time you think of the color yellow?

Hmm.. I think it would be wrong to not choose the non-entertaining option. I wonder how many times I think of the color yellow in a day...

Would you rather have curry'd chicken or chili pepper'd beef?


Would you rather
(if you were a drug addict)
Use a needle


Would you rather be a drug that gets injected or a drug that gets snorted?


In your reply to this post would you rather make a reference or a snappy comeback?

What reference and what snappy comebacks are to be made?
Also: Why would I need to make a comeback?
I'm still here.

Would you rather walk backwards for the rest of your life or speak, write and type backwards for the rest of your life?

Walk backwards

Would you rather
play minecraft
any valve game

Any ValvE game.

Would you rather throw stones at children or old people?


Would you rather
assassinate the leader of your nation
your entire family

I can't choose!
Can't I choose both?

Would you rather go back in time to fix whatever you did wrong or apologize?

Go back in time

Would you rather
in a tv show
say fu*bleep*
just say fuck

Just say fuck.
Censorship is stupid.
It's annoying and you don't protect anyone with it.
They'll pick it up somewhere else anyway.

Would you rather immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches or dive naked head first into a pool of tobacco spit?


Would you rather slit your wrists with a ruler (Can be done) or put your arm in a paper shredder?

shoot myself in the head!

Would you rather
pick the actual option
some really random!

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