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Knox opens a beer he had taken out of Gamorrah and flops on a bench outside of it, facing the street and door, and just people watches.

With his pay now in his pocket, although to Lucius it was nothing more than a nice bonus for serving the Legion, the Legion Scout walked out of the Lucky 38 onto the strip. He was still somewhat sore from his fight with the Deathclaws, so he decided to head over to the Old Mormon Fort he had saw in Freeside. He had heard of the Followers of the Apocalypse before (he had even heard stories about how the Caesar himself had been one before beginning the Legion) and from what he could tell, they would be able to take care of his wounds.

With his goal in mind, Lucius strode off down the Strip and into Freeside. His Legion armor once again attracted alot of attention from random passersby. None of them gave him any grief though as a Legionaire confidently walking through New Vegas fully armed was not someone to be messed with. None of them that is except a group of thugs, no doubt on something. They must have figured since Lucius had no friends in this area, he would be an easy target. Nobody else on the street seemed interested in helping him, as everyone was moving away from the group, wanting nothing to do with the Legionaire or the thugs.

One of the thugs barked at Lucius from the back of the group, "Well, look who we have here. Some Legion punk who thinks he can just walk right down these streets without any trouble. You're a long way from the Fort, ya bloodthirsty tribal."

Lucius merely stared at the approaching group, showing nothing but subtle contempt for them. "I don't care what you call me dissolute. Get out of my way now before I severe your drug-addled mind from your neck."

"Heh, he thinks he can take us boss," one of the other thugs said, obviously eager for a fight.

"Well if you think you can take us, why don't you show us what you're made of? Show 'im who's streets these are boys!" yelled the leader of the group.

The only response from Lucius was a thin smirk while he took out his machete.

After about 30-40 minutes of people watching Dead Eye decided to walk around a bit. As he was walking past Ghommorah he noticed knoxx doing what he himself had just been doing.

"So did you happen to throw your Khan colors onto your Tesla armour yet?

he asked curiosly.

"Yeah. I went out and bought this." He points to his new Troublemaker outfit. "Oh wait, you mean decorate it. No, I haven't gotten around to it yet."

-----On the strip-----
Ethan, Marcus and Sarah had moved down across the strip, stopping a securitron on the way. "Hey, boxy, can you connect to House?"

"I can, what would you like to know?"

(E)"See if he can find out where we can spend nights here in Vegas."

"All the hotels are currently open for residence. This unit will accompany you to the hotel of your choice, and inform its owners.

(E)"Well, I'm going over to Vault 21, from what I know of Vaults it'll be the safest place on the Strip."

(S)"Are you sure Ethan? It's DULL in a vault, nothing but grey and metal. Just walls, no windows, no sun."

(E)"And all that spells safety, we're going to 21. You're still getting a free place on the strip."

(S)"Oh, all right, you're paying though."

(M)"I'll take a room at the Tops. I don't trust the Omertas or those freaks in the Ultra Lux." Marcus said. "Also," he said to the robot, "Have one of you bring my armor to the Tops."

(K)Knox sees the group walk through the doors and chugs his drink. He tosses it into the nearest can and walks to them. "Hey guys! Miss."

(E)"Oh, hey Knox; we're looking for places to stay on the strip, you want to come with?"

(K)"sure, not like I have anything else to do."

Lucius also came over out of the gate from Freeside, he saw the impromptu group standing together and approached.

(L)"What has happened so far with the rest of you?"

(E)"Oh, not all that much. We're looking for a place to stay while we're on the Strip."

(L)"Then I'll join you"

The first stop was Gomorrah, given that it was directly across from the lucky 38 it was a quick stop for them to make. Knox and Lucius talked to the the proprietor and negotiated a good deal on a permanent residence. With house's approval through the Securitron they agreed to a payment of 500 caps for a permanent residence.

Next was the Tops, Marcus made the same deal with the chairmen, 500 caps for a permanent residence.

Finally, Ethan and Sarah, having been left by the group when they entered the hotels. Went to Vault 21. They and the Securitron made their way into the Vault 21 office and gift shop. and talked to the woman in the Vault uniform behind the desk, making the same deal. He handed over the 500 caps, and the two of them, holding each other close, made their way down into the Vaults rooms.


Sarah had dropped her things off in a locker in the rooms in Vault 21. Ethan saw that the entirety of it was essentially a few spare Followers coats, some books and some food.

"If this is all you have to wear then we clearly both need to get some clothes to wear on the Strip."

The pair walked up to the main office, and asked the blonde behind the desk where they could buy clothes. The two walked out, hand in hand over to Mick and Ralphs, that sold what they were looking for. Ethan chose out a dusty suit described by the salesman as a 'gamblers' suit, and a black, wide brimmed desperado cowboy hat to keep the sun out of his eyes, along with a pair of sunglasses, to help while playing poker. He also bought a set of brown and grey dye and paint, to color his Combat armor, in order to be less visible in the waste land.

Sarah picked out for herself an accompanying dress, finding a veiled hat that went well with it. And Ethan picked out for her a set of sexy sleepwear, which brought on a lot of giggling from Sarah and feigned reluctance as he brought it over to the counter.

He also bought her a silenced .22, when Mick brought it out from behind the counter she showed genuine concern on her face.

"Ethan, that's a gun, you know how I feel about guns."
"yeah, but you know that the wasteland is dangerous."
"I still don't like guns."
"Listen, I care about you, and I don't want you to get hurt. If a gun will make that possible, then I'll get you a gun"
"I'm a follower, I help people, I don't shoot them."
"Listen, I don't care if you run over to patch up a guy after you shoot them, hell I love you because I know you would. As long as you're safe."
After a long pause, Mick spoke up, "So, are you going to get the gun or what?"
Sarah looked at the sliver .22, and finally nodded her head. "Alright" She picked it up and concealed it in her dress. Then took a step back.

Ethan payed the 130 caps for the lot, when he saw the distress Sarah was in over owning a gun, he hugged her sand whispered calming words. The two walked back onto the strip, arms around each others waists, keeping close to the other. Dressed to gamble and to turn heads on the Strip.

When the group headed away. Dead Eye went wondering into Freeside since he heard Night Owl mumbling something about it. He found him shortly sitting on the curb starring into nothingness. After he called his name a few times, he finally nudged him a few times with the buttt of his rifle to no avail. Finaly he fired the ARM next to his head. This finaly awoke him from the chance.

"Jesus christ man, What the hell is wrong with you? Well anyway I'm going to Camp McCarren for the night, You wana come? Hell of alot safer than here."

"Sure, I'm up for it. Only thing is that I don't need the pay."

After finishing the conversation with House, Isaac looked a bit around. He saw many snowglobes. "I guess he has a weakness for collection. Look at the number of those things." He thought.

He decided to have a night walk in the Strip, so he went to the elevator. By the elevator stood the man he was following. With nothing better to do, Isaac tried to start a conversation: "Hello there. The name's Isaac, you must be Charles, right? I guess we are on the same team, so maybe we get to know each other better? You know, like partners do."

Night Owl laughed.

"Sorry about that, need to get more sleep I guess. Lost track of time, sure may as well head back to McCarran, the longer you hang around vegas the higher the chance of you having no caps left gets." Night Owl got to his feet and joined Dead Eye.

"Isaac" Said chaz cautiously, "first off, its chaz, secondly, you're on the verge of a very dangerous secret from what house said to me - you tell anyone, and i will personally stick a three-ought-eight in your skull whilst you sleep".
With his warning given, chaz took the elevator down to the ground level of the '38, and walked up to the nearest securitron.
"Hey victor", he said, imperiously,"take a weeks worth of my 'packages' to the Ultra-Luxe's high roller suite for me, will you?"
"Yes sir", acknowledged the securitron, rolling off to do its new task. with this taken care of, Charles decided to stop off at mick and ralph's for some odds and ends he would require. As he arrived, he saw a man only slightly shorter than himself exiting, and putting a set of legionary armour into a sack. slightly puzzled, Chaz entered the shop, and purchased a Sheriff's hat (35), A pair of Lucky shades (40), and 3 stimpacks (225), 20 additional rounds of .308 (80) and 42 of .357 (84), for a total of (486), which he paid before leaving.
As chaz walked back through freeside, a group of three thugs ran towards him. Quickly drawing his .357, Chaz dropped two of them before they even reached him (3 rounds), and, after dodging a clumsy swing from a pool cue, double-tapped the last thug, adding yet another to freeside's growing body count. After taking the meager 12 caps the thugs were carrying, along with 2 syringes of Jet, Chaz continued to his suite in the Ultra-Luxe.
In his suite, Chaz partook of one of house's packages, and found it to be of brilliant quality. he would have to inquire where house had got these from...

Intimidated by Chaz, Isaac decided not to get involved in this „secret" who he apparently has no idea of. „Hey you, say to House that if he needs me, i'll be at the freeside." He said to the nearby securitron. As he said that, he rode down and went out of the Lucky 38.

*sniff* Ahh. The smell of trouble, I like it. To make it better, I should get some booze. „Hey there! You look like someone who knows where to find some Whiskey or Liqour I'm new around here, I could use some advice." He said to an oiled man and grinned, because he knew that he'll soon have one hell of a time.

Alex did a couple more workout techniques and left the hotel. He noticed that no one would start a fight with a man in power armour carrying a laser rifle.

After working out a deal with the Omertas for a room in Gomorrah, Lucius got about deciding what to do next. The Omertas had insisted that they hold onto his weapons while in their casino and while Lucius didn't like being without his trusty machete, he none-the-less agreed, knowing it would get him a room for the night. He had noticed a man outside the casino though who seemed to be dealing in weapons that one could conceal from guards. Figuring that a small weapon was better than nothing, Lucius made his way out of Gomorrah and over to the man. After some quiet talking and bartering, Lucius walked away with a switchblade that could easily be hidden for 16 caps. With this new reassurance, Lucius made his way back into the casino and went about looking to perhaps make some caps.

With only 69 bottle caps and 10 Denarii, Lucius figured he wouldn't be winning much, but then of course the Legionaire had never relied heavily on stuff that you needed to buy. Moving over to the chip dealer, Lucius exchanged 60 of his bottle-caps and 8 of his Denarii for a total of 84 chips (OoC: Bottle-caps exchange for 1 chip and a Denarius for 4). Making his way over to the blackjack table, Lucius watched several games be played to try to get a handle on the rules of the game. After some time, the Scout figured that he had a good enough grasp to try his luck. Hoping to win some more caps to use while he was on the strip.

Walking over to the dealer, Lucius got some odd looks due to his less than formal outfit, but the look of unwavering purpose on his face, as well as his recent scars, meant that nobody complained; in earshot anyway. Laying down 20 of his chips, Lucius figured he would start small and see if he could win some more chips before betting anything big. His first couple plays, though starting with horrible luck, ended with a good streak overall for Lucius, earning him an amazing 200 chips for the measly 20 he had originally put down. Seeing as Luck seemed to be on his side, Lucius put down another 60 to see if his streak could continue. It seemed like it did, as Lucius won a bit more this, but nowhere near as much as doing his first couple playthroughs. Lucius decided that he would have another go, much to the interest of the people who had begun to gather thanks to extremely good luck during his first couple plays. This time he decided to try big and but down a full 100 chips. His gamble paid off again as those around him cheered his good luck, with him winning another large amount due to some luck and smart moves. A sizable group had gather around the dealer's table now, eager to watch as this strange man seemed to win out in the end time and time again. Lucius also found a woman wearing very little wrapped around his arm while he played out the games. Figuring that he might as well have one more go before calling it quiets, Lucius put down another 150 chips, hoping to squeeze just a bit more out of his good streak. Nothing more came of it though, as he pretty much broke even in the the end. He picked up the multitude of chips that he now had and headed over to the chip dealer to exchange them for caps and Legion coin (52 chips for 13 Denarii and the other 852 exchanged for caps).

Knox wanders into the Gamorrah adn hands his Riot and Sledge to the bouncer and is patted down. He then walks over to the desk woman and gets everything all straightend around for a room and heads on up for a nap.

Alex walked back into the strip and decided to watch some entertainment at the tops. He walked in to the Aces Theatre and watched a group he didn't know the name of preform. He walked out and went down to the tables.

Alex walked to the tables and bet 100 caps. He used some earlier techniques and hit the house jackpot.
"Thats me for the night. Cheers." said Alex before departing.

Night Owl took the train to McCarran and found the locker he used on the odd occasions he was present at McCarran. With his gear safely locked away, Night Owl found a place for himself to rest. He was hoping to get a full night sleep rather than the few restless hours he usually managed. Running on Nuka Cola couldn't be good for your health.

Having dined at his suite, Chaz decided to hit the tables once again, in pursuit of more caps. he left 1500 in his room, and went down to the gambling halls, and straight to the blackjack tables. he put down his 226 remaining chips, and within the hour had a return of +1000 chips (2,7,4,10). he pocketed the 1000, and put the initial 226 down once more, with no return (3,5,1,4). having played 2 almost 2 hours of blackjack, chaz hit the bar for a Scotch (-20), leaving 6 caps as a tip, and wandered over for a few spins of the wheel. putting his 200 caps on the table, he played for a further hour (5,8,3,5), giving a return of +600 caps. Chaz decided at this point to retire for the night, and went back to his room, becoming somewhat familiar with the feeling of counting his winnings. walking through the casino, Chaz happened upon a slightly drunk girl, who he estimated to be around 25, and started talking. her eyes lit up at the sight of the 1800 caps chaz was just putting into his bag, and they started chatting. as it became clear that the girl was interested in more than just talking, Chaz spotted an opportunity, and invited the girl back to his room....

Alex walked away from the blackjack dealer and decided to change his winnings to caps and enquire about a residence.
"Hey, I'm with house and wondering if you got any rooms open." he said.
"Yeah, Pay up." said the guy.
Alex gave him the money and went up to his room.

CAPS: 1000

When Dead Eye awoke the next mourning he looked over at the bunk next to him, and saw Night Owl sleeping. Knowing how rare this occasion is he decided to let him rest and leave a note on the bed post.

"Gone to the thorn, catch up later."

He figures while hes around he might go catch up with his old flame, Red Lucy.

Night Owl groaned and pulled himself upright, blinking in confusion at his surroundings. Remembering he was in McCarran and not out in wastes where he usually tried to sleep, Night Owl swung out of his bunk and read the note left behind by Dead Eye.

"The Thorn? Does he fight in the arena down there?" Night wondered aloud before shrugging, changing into some civilian clothes and taking the train back to New Vegas.

Night Owl found a spot where he could clearly see the entrance to the Lucky 38 and took a seat. He was sure House was up to something weird and wanted to see if anyone else entered the building, hoping his civilian clothes made passersby ignore him.


The chip had been plugged into the central computers. House had downloaded the schematics held within and had begun instructing his small army of maintenance robots in the building of his new power system. These new designs would triple the current power production that New Vegas enjoyed, it would take months to finalize the designs, but by the time the system was installed to the extent House had planned New Vegas would be totally autonomous in it's power supply.

However, House was aware that this new power would require an additional draw on his attentions. Already well extended, House realized that his operating system would be unable to cope with the requirements of all the new functions. It was time for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, all the employees at RobCo were 200 years dead, and the current residents of the wastes lacked the technological ability to program him a new operating system. House devoted several processing cycles to devising a solution. And one found him, inside his old personnel files.

Before the war he had hired a promising young computer genius to improve the system of RobCo's computers and robots. Jason White was the mind behind the Version 5 of the UOS, the system House currently employed. After being transferred to the Arizona branch of RobCo, Jaso had begun development on a hyper advanced version of the UOS, until the war cut his work short.

Wheter or not the design was finished was irrelevant. If it was incomplete, House would simply use what was completed to improve his own systems. And, since he knew where the program was housed, it would be easy to send his hired team there.

He sent out the securitrons.

Night Owl didn't have to wait long for something to happen, it appeared changing out of his armour had been a waste of time as he hardly had to wait long. Securitrons made a rapid exit of the Lucky 38 and Night Owl run up to one of them.

"Excuse me, does House require our presense again?"

After having a good night off, Isaac was very satisfied and happy. "So, this is the life in New Vegas. I sure can live like that!" Isaac thought and smirked.

While having a little walk in the Strip, he saw many securitrons making their way out of the Lucky 38. "Hmm. I wonder what is happening. Could it be that I am finally required for the mysterious quest House talked about?" He thought and walked on to the nearest securitron.

Alex looked out his window and saw lots of securitrons leaving the lucky 38.
"The fuck..." he muttered to himself before leaving to find out what was going on, armour on and weapon in hand.

Just when Dead Eye reached the sewer entrance to The Thorn he saw a seccritron rolling his way.

"Oh come the fuck on! You let me walk this far out of my way before you need?"

Knox looks up from Khan-ifying his armor when he notices a whole ton of securitrons start pouring out of the 38. "Welp...Guess it's time to put this to good use..."

Awaking in the morning, Chaz recalled the night he'd had with the girl - Lucy, he thought she was called - and turned over to find her still beside him. Deciding that waking her was a waste of time and effort, he leaned somewhat menacingly over her frail form, hunger in his eyes.
Just as Charles was about to eat, one of house's robot army rolled into the room, waking Lucy, and causing her to flee. Dammit, thought Chaz, somewhat irritated by the loss.
"House request an audience with you once more, in the Lucky 38", said the Securitron.
"Great", replied Chaz sarcastically, "Thanks a fucking bunch Victor." As the Securitron wheeled back out, Chaz decanted another of House's Packages into his flask, and headed out to the Lucky 38. Takeaway Breakfast it is, then, thought Chaz. Heading downstairs, Chaz hit the bar on his way out, purchasing 3 bottles of scotch (60), and walked out of the Ultra-Luxe, picking up his arms as he went.

Re-holstering his .357 as he walked towards the Lucky 38, Chaz was shocked to see the motley assortment of people entering, including the nervous wreck with whom he had shared an 'interview'. "These must be my new Colleagues", said Chaz quietly to no-one in particular, "how the hell did he end up employed by someone so supposedly-exclusive as House?". Chaz straightened his suit for the umpteenth time since donning it that morning, and walked smartly to meet the people with which he was to work.

Noting that the securitrons appeared to be remaining silent until the whole group arrived, Night Owl quickly swung his patrol armour out from his backpack and pulled it on over his clothes. Retrieving his ranger hat, he pulled it low over his eyes and waited for some information.

"Come on! I'm getting the losing end of the deal here, if you wait for the right buyer these are worth a pretty penny. I just can't afford the extra weight. Caps aren't really my priority." Demeter was smiling warmly, trying to warm the shop keeper up. "Not to mention, this radscorpion venom is fresh, I popped 'em off not three days ago in the desert. Very high potency." The shop keeper went silent for a bit.
"Well, it is quite a bit. And it's potent you say?"
"The only way it could get stronger is if you were stung by a live scorpion." The shop keeper hesitated for a bit, the girls lot was still worth more than 2 liters of radscorpion poison to him.
"If your hesitant, I am good at repairing things. If something in your shop is broken I'd be willing to throw in a reasonable repair to help pay." That fit the bill. A couple hours and a repaired Nuka Cola vending machine later Demeter walked out with a scope for her rifle, tinted goggles, a whetstone, and an extra Nuka Cola thrown in as a thanks. She walked out on the strip sipping her cola and walked around. She didn't spend too much time in settlements so she liked to soak in as much as she could before she heads out to the wilderness again. As she was gawking at the strip she ran head first into securitron, spilling some of her soda. "Ugh! Oh, uh...sorry.."
"Come with me."
"Come with Me." The robot grabbed her wrist a led her across the strip to the Lucky 38. It let go of her wrist when they entered. "Come with me." it repeated. I suppose it's important, Demeter mused. She followed through the casino and was eventually led to a room with a green screen and a man waiting among the other robots.
"Um, hi." Demeter mumbled sheepishly. "Sorry if I missed a memo but is there some important meeting going here?"


Ethan woke up next to Sarah, the two had hit the strip successfully the night before, hitting the tables then catching the entertainment offered at the Tops. They saw singers playing some Sinatra hits that survived the war, and some original hits as well.

Sarah was still asleep, Ethan looked at her and reflected how he enjoyed being with her. She was smart, funny, and she cared, but that was a problem, he knew she loved the followers more than him, she had her commitments that she was unwilling to break. "Oh well, as long as we both know where we stand.". A buzz from the Vault comm came from the receptionist upstairs. "Sir, a Securitron is here for you. Apparently you're wanted at the Lucky 38."

Ethan put on his new combat armor. He had dyed it brown and grey earlier to blend easier into the background of the wastes. He put on his hat and holstered his weapons then walked for the lucky 38. He climbed into the elevator and stood in front of the monitor that displayed House.

As the others filed in, the computer came on. and House appeared.

When Dead Eye finally made it back to the Lucky 38, he walked over to Night Owl, and surveyed the crowd.

"Whore the newbys?

He asked Night Owl that had been here longer.

"My name is Demeter Terrin." She looked around the room. "May I ask who you guys are? I'm a bit lost." She said with a small laugh.

Walks over to the only female in the room

"The names Dead Eye. NCR 1st Recon sniper, and the "hero on the NCR" as they call me. The one I was just talking to is Night Owl, a NCR Ranger. The one in Power Armor with the Laser Rifle is Alex, Brotherhood of Steel. The other with Power Armor painted Red and Black is Knoxx, Heir to the Great Khan throne. And finaly we have Ethan, the one in combat armor hes a Independent, pretty tuff guy. Theyre are also two casers legion not here yet, and I dont know these other two guys."

He said as he was pointing around the room to the various Team Members

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