Home on the Wastes (A Fallout RolePlay) (closed, ended)

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Looking down his scope, Chaz saw several tribals milling around the tents. He hadn't caught the markings of those who'd attacked the caravan, but the reactions of the group implied them to be the same group. Going prone, Chaz found a good firing position, and lined his cross-hairs up with the neck of the tribal sentry, who was, luckily, facing a different direction.

"so... we fire, or what?", he asked, slightly impatiently, "I could drop 3 or 4 before the first ones reach us, and I imagine our other snipers could do much the same"

"How many snipers we got? 4? We could be done in seconds." said Alex zoning in for combat.

"please dont talk about things like that..."

"Well that's strange. They have plenty of guns, if they wanted a more fair fight they could have had it. I'm betting they're just petty thieves, the could have done more damage but they didn't. I bet we could parlay with a leader."

Ethan looked over at Demeter, "well, they didn't kill us last time, there's no reason to assume that they'll kill us now." He looked out over the tribal village and the surrounding area to get a better feel for the terrain. "How about this. Me, Knox and Demeter are the only ones here who haven't taken shots at any of them. We'll head down and try and talk to whoever's in charge. Dead Eye, you and Chaz get your rifles and keep an eye out from up here. Alex, you and Marcus get as close as you can without being seen, if you hear shots, come running. Lucius, you and night owl see if you can find another way in, or at least get reasonably familiar with the terrain. Sound like a plan?"

"So what your saying is if they start shooting, bring .50 Cal. long range death to them? Sounds like a plan."

He said as he pulled a Bipod out of his belt and attached it to the barrel of his AMR and took a prone position

"Sounds good. I can have them make friends with a metal hammerhead too..." Knox slaps his hammer in his hand to make a point.

"Just watch where you step this baby will hit a person and keep going out the other end."

"Alright, we should go down with our weapons holstered, and whoever is the most charming should be the first to talk until they get more comfortable. You guys ready?"

"Demeter, why don't you talk to them, I'm rough shod at best, and with the voice modulator in that armor, Knox here'll just terrify them. Between the rough rider, the walking tank and the pretty girl, I'd pick the girl."

"Alright, let's go. And try to not scowl as we walk up."

"Who me? Demeter, you know I'm the picture of civility."

Ethan began to scramble down the rocky hill side, making a point of creating enough noise and kicking up enough dust along the way that no one would notice Alex in his power armor moving the other way down the hill, ready to charge if things got hairy or either his or any of the snipers trigger fingers got itchy.

"Hello!" Demeter shouted as she trotted toward the tribals, she was sure to wave and smile as she approached them to appear friendlier and less threatening. "Is there someone who we can speak to? We need some help."

Peering around the village through the scope he saw the tribe go int alreat rather quickly


The tribe stood in a state somewhere at the intersection of shock and awe. A young woman had just strolled into their camp flanked by a cowboy in combat armor and someone in a suit of unseen before power armor painted all in yellow and red. They were stunned for a second, until a younger woman, emboldened by the similarity in age and gender stood forward.

"Yes ma'am The chief is in the big tent, he's talking to great bird, but I think you can go in."

She led the three over to the large tent standing beneath what was possibly the only green tree within fifty miles.


After a bit of deliberation, it was decided that Knox, since in the power armor he didn't fit through the tents entrance, would stand outside to signal the snipers if things went bad, and try to make friends with the locals, after taking off the helmet, while Demeter and Ethan went in to talk to the chief and whoever great bird was.


As they entered they saw three figures standing on the far end of the tent from them, in he center sat, cross-legged an old man wearing the robes of a brotherhood scribe and a head dress that seemed to be made of bits and pieces from several animals that populated the wastes. The horns of a brahmin and bighorner were attached to what looked like the hide of a particularly large feral dog. below the rim of the headdress sparkled intelligent eyes, that seemed to observe everything in the room and a knowing smile as the three entered.

Standing to his right was a tall man in his late 30s with thick, taut musculature and a stern expression on his face, He wore a much bigger headdress, made of several dozen feathers forming the traditional headdress of a chief. He did not look at all pleased to be interrupted, and made as much clear in his expression.

To the left, and much closer to the fire, in a kneeling position of deference, was the man who had attacked them at the caravan, the one with the hatchets. His expression was neither one of shock or joviality, he was abjectly stunned, the word "impossible" emerged from his lips as he saw the two enter.

Night Owl nodded as he recieved his objective and went back down the hill and slowly crept around the other side to get a good view of the camp at a lower level, a lot of the tribals seemed intrgued by Knox who was standing guard by Night Owl didn't like his chances of getting to the Robco building to take a look around unnoticed. He crouched in the hill's shadow and waited patiently.

"Marcus, come on." said Alex before starting to sneak towards the camp.

"Sounds good" Lucius responded as Ethan laid out the plan.

The Legionary followed Night Owl around the tribal's camp. While Lucius had plenty of experience moving about at night and trying to remain unseen, Night Owl seemed a natural at it, so Lucius made sure to follow his lead. None of the tribals seemed to spot the pair moving through the shadows and soon Lucius found himself watching the tribals mill about and respond the entrance of Ethan, Demeter, and Knox. Now he would just have to wait and see how it all played out.

Night Owl nodded as Lucius arrived beside him and spoke to him in whispers.

"Not bad at sneaking around for Legion, most of your boys never make it past Bravo when the try to cross the river in those rafts." Finished with his customary mockery of the Legion, Night Owl moved on to more serious matters.

"If things go downhill, these tribals will be all over Knox and the others in that tent if we can't distract them first, the moment we see anything going wrong we need to jump out and make as much noise as possible, the snipers should be able to take it from there."

Alex pulled his knife just in case and crept forward. He saw knox stood outside and awaited a signal. Alex put his blade next to him and pulled his rifle, he aimed near enough to knox that no matter how fast a tribal was, his laser would be faster.

"Hello, we're a band of travelers. My name is Demeter and this is Ethan. The one outside is Knox. We are looking for something, can you help us?"


"Thanks, much apreciated pal." He said and put on the glasses. "Not, bad, actually better." he said and chuckled.


"But... but.. what about me? *sigh* I guess I'll be here just in case some one needs fixin'."


The man with the horned headdress chuckled a bit under his breath, "And what exactly are you looking for?"

The one with the hatchets spkoe up. "shaman, you can't be serious, they were with the caravan we attacked, their friends killed so many of our own.

The one with the big headdress was stunned. his young son was among those who had not returned from the ill fated raid. "What!? he turned to the shaman as well, Wahkan, there is no reason to allow them to live."

The shaman raised his hands, "Mingan, Samoset; calm yourselves, they have not attacked us, what would you say to the gods if you attacked them in cold blood." He looked back at Demeter. "Tell me child, what is it you are looking for?"

The chief shook his head, "you cannot be considering this."

nodding silently to acknowledge the order, Chaz continued to look down the scope of his rifle. Noticing Knox's armour standing outside of the largest tent, he assumed that that was the tent the leader resided in. Chaz lined up his sights on the tribal stood behind Knox, just waiting for things to get hairy.

"Things seem to be going well, no shots... yet. I wonder what is inside that building."

He said talking to himself

Demeter sensed the tension in the room. "We're sorry we only acted in self defense. We're looking for some files in the building you have occupied. It is all we need, we will leave once we have it and never bother you again."

The chief stood forward, "That's not good enough, my son was in the raid, and now he won't come back, Mingan himself told us, the ones left behind were dead, no survivors. And now there aren't enough warriors to collect for the ceremony. our defenses are weakened and we will have to take desperate steps to survive the coming months."

The shaman remained seated, but gripped his staff, ready to stand. "The chief makes a good point, even though you have not attacked us now, according to our fine warrior, there are many who died at your hands, though we killed none of yours." Propping himself up with his cane he lifted himself into a standing position. "Perhaps a show of good faith on the part of your companions, you help us, and you can enter the building that watches over us."

As he finished a large magpie flew in through the hole in the tent which the smoke from the fire was lifting out of. The bird landed on the cane, positioning itself on the wooden staff and facing Ethan and Demeter, before letting out a loud shrill Tok at them, and turning to the shaman, a series of tittering crys emitting from its beak.

"Ah ha, of course... tell me young one, how do you feel about radscorpions?"

Ethan pointed at the bird that had landed on the shamans cane, totally at a loss for words. "umm... you've got a... bird, there."

"I've had some experience dealing with them before, and I'm sure my companions wills be comfortable."

"Chaz... Chaz."

he said as quietly as he could but still get his atention

"I dont like this... It's taking too long. If we dont get a signal one way or another soon we may need to regroup with the others not in the camp. Give it another few minuts though."

Well, once a year we hold a ceremony, I have learned the secret of creating the drink we share as a tribe. The main ingredient is the venom of the radscorpions. There is a large group of them in the valley nearby, among them is a large one, colored white. I have seen that its venom holds much power. Ordinarily I would send our own warriors, but thanks to you, we do not have many to send. We need the venom of that scorpion, get it for me, and I will give you my blessing."

Demeter gave a small bow. "Thank you, we will do this as quickly as possible." She turned to leave the valley. "Well that went better than expected she said the Ethan and Knox as they headed towards the group.

I don't know, it looked like that chief wanted to rip us apart. I wonder what he'd say if we said there was a survivor. But anyway, it certainly could have gone worse, all we've got to do is go kill a scorpion. But is it just me or did that bird give him advice?"

As they walked out of the campsite, Ethan waved at the snipers, then waved them down, to show them that everything was all right and to meet up again outside of the camp.

"Damn I was looking forward to some action."

he said as he folded his Bi-pod and threw the AMR over his back. He then shuffled down the hill to meet the group

Night Owl saw the situation in the camp seemed to be resolved and his companions were leaving.

"Surprising, I thought only death would come of this, maybe there is some hope left for the wastes," wondered Night Owl as he left his crouched position and moved up to join the rest of the group.

"So are we allowed into Robco now? Or are we about to sent on some fools errand?"

"The Legion does not sneak often, I will admit, but there are times where we must be at the right place at the right time. That is where Legionaries such as me come in," Lucius responded to Night Owl's "compliment". He none-the-less nodded in agreement as Night Owl talked about what they would do should the situation turn bad.

Lucius was surprised when he saw Ethan and Demeter exit the tent in the tribal camp and waved the rest of the group in. He hesitated slightly longer than Night Owl before getting up, but it seemed like the tribals were not interested in gaining revenge upon the group. At least not now. So the Legionary followed the NCR sniper over into the camp, still wary and glancing around at the tribals.

Alex lifted his knife and holstered it and then swang his rifle over his shoulder. "What do we need to do?" he said with a ar of impatiance.

Chaz stood up from his firing position, slightly disappointed at the lack of action. "So, what do they want us to do?"

"Apparently there are a bunch of Radscorpions over the horizon there. The shaman and his bird want us to kill a big white one and bring him the tail."

As he and the group were talking a small crowd of people from the village began to gather at the edge of town, a few yards away from the group. The crowd was mostly made up of children, always the first to adjust to the initial shock of change. The kids stood a ways away from the group talking among themselves in hushed and awed tones, they seemed particularly amazed at Knox and Alex's armor, the two wearing the first examples of power armor the secluded tribal village had ever seen.

A little distance from the crowd stood some of the children's very worried mothers. They were well aware of children's tendencies to take foolish risks out of that invigorating combination of excitement and naivety. The mothers stood and clucked among each other, pondering what the intentions of House's group might be, and whether they would be a risk to the children; ready to scoop up the kids in their arms and away from the armed team if they suspected any risk.

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