Home on the Wastes (A Fallout RolePlay) (closed, ended)

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Deadeye leaned in to type his guess



"Ah, good, that's going to narrow it down a lot, none of those letters were correct, that can't leave many viable options left now."

"It has to be 'factoid', 'jittery' or 'raccoon'." Demeter said, "That's as narrow as we're going to get."

"Lets vote on it, then no-one can be blamed as its group opinion." said Alex thoughtfully.

"I say factoid...it seems like it fits with the factory thing."

"It sounds like factory but it actually has something to do with a fact that is unverified but compared with racoon or jittery I'm going to have to agree with choosing factoid."

"Well all my guesses have been wong so I'm going to stay out of this."

"Eh, my guess is raccoon. They always get into where they don't belong, kind of like us right now." Demeter shrugged, "If we don't get it it's not the end of the world, we can forge some IDs"

"Factoid, I guess." said Alex

Alex sweats a little as he types in his confirmation of everyone's guess, desperately hoping that his actions would not come with disastrous consequences. That "security lockdown" looked ominous

>Exact match!
>Please wait
>while system
>is accessed

The screen flickered green and the sound of whirring processors fill the room as the input was accepted and the systems files were accessed.

*Welcome Administrator*
>Employee Reports
>Turret Control
>Robot Control

"Fuck yeah!" Knox raises his hammer in celebration to the fact that his (albeit second) guess was right!

"Thankfully that's over with now, let's get these robots and turrets shut down or otherwise occupied pronto." Night Owl was relieved this hacking was successful, he hadn't been looking forward to the prospect of fightning large numbers of robots.

"If you guys want to look around on the computer, I'm having a look at these books." said Alex, before reading the titles of the books.

Demeter went to the front of the computer.

Turret Control

"Let's hurry up and get this over with."

"Sweet... Now I dont have to fight Robots. So where do we go now?"

*Turret Control*
>Reconfigure Targeting Parameters
>Deactivate Turrets
>Return to Previous Screen

"Hey guys, do you think we could reconfigure the turrets and move them outside to protect the village, for the right of passage I mean,"

Aasebuun was wide eyed in awe at Demeter's suggestion, "You could do this for us?"

"Hey, why not? It sounds like a good idea. It probably won't be as easy to get 'em out of here though..."

"You'd be right there, we should just work on making sure they don't fire on us for starters and figure out how we'll move them out later. Maybe we could work something out with the robots, program them to carry the turrets out?"

"I'm all for helping people. Lets give it a try." said Alex.

Demeter nodded to Aasebun "Yeah, we'll just deactivate them now and move them out later."


"Alright, now to find what we came he for."



Employee Records
()Employee Jason White has been more and more stupid, just because he developed that new OS he thinks he owns the place. I've had to take a few of my boys off to the side to keep them from smacking him around. One of them even trashed his cubicle on the sixth floor, I'm just glad they didn't break his computer, if that data was damaged, House would have all our heads, maybe literally.
()Sierra has been keeping me up all night talking about the "future". Maybe I SHOULD go to Australia with my brother. But would anyone really be crazy enough to drop nukes? Hell, Maybe we should have run for the vaults. Ah hell, I shouldn't be writing this stuff on office computers.
() Military services has taken that Samantha woman for questioning, I knew something was off about her. But a Chinese spy, the fourth this year, they're popping up like it's fuckin' whak-a-mole.

*Further records stored on a separate server*

>Press any key to return to Admin menu

"Further records on a seperate server, fuck." said Alex.

"Looks like we have to go up to the sixth floor. I'd bet anything his computer has the info we need."

"Please let there be a elevator in here." said Alex

Demeter hit a random button to return to the previous screen. This time it was slightly different, perhaps in response to all that earlier activity.

*Welcome Administrator*
>Employee Reports
>Turret Control
>Robot Control

*Turrets Deactivated
*Robots Active - (Standby)
*Passwords Scramble in - 23:45:12

"Let's go, we should all check different desks. Go one the assumption that the mess has been cleaned up and there are no nametags. However, if there are ids of some sort, look for a Jason White. The cubicle trashing is the most recent entry so look our for one that's in complete disarray. Finally if both these id's fail, we need to turn on the computers, this guys' computer has a different OS so his homescreen will most likely be unique, the computers might also have an employee id with them. Ready?" Demeter got up to go out and head up the stairs.

"Ready as I'll ever be" said Alex before starting to climb the stairs.

"So the robots will leave us alone then?"

As they climbed the stairs the team was occasionally passed by the odd robot, patrolling its preprogrammed route. Since Demeter had picked up a few of the employee IDs that were sitting on the table they were ambivalent towards the presence of the group of people merely tossing out an occasional "Greetings Employee and guests" before moving on.

Climbing the flights of stairs, a real downer to the ones wearing the especially heavy armor, the elevator had seemed like an option until they had forced the doors open, revealing a severed cable and a smashed carriage at the base of the shaft.

At the sixth floor, the ones who were unprepared for the climb were practically panting, the others were merely a little worn out. But they doggedly pressed on, the stumbled around the cubicles for a bit until they found one that looked like the one described in the security chiefs notes.

The desk was disheveled at best, torn into at worst. papers were strewn about, and it looked like a bomb had been dropped. Well, one had, hell, several had, but in this case, a smaller, more contained one. Nuka-Cola bottles, both empty and full, were strewn around the desk and surrounding floor. The computer was remarkably well preserved, not only intact but clean. Most of the desks drawers were shut, but one was sitting open, a 'substance' oozing out that further inspection revealed had once been mayonnaise. Either this guy was atrociously messy or this was the desk the security team had trashed.

Demeter went up to the computer "This should be it. Do we have to turn on the computer to download the file or can we just take out the physical memory and bring that back?"

"Uh, not sure." said Alex uncertain. "Turn it on, might be something else on there."

Demeter turned on the computer and looked at the screen.

"Jesus...fucking...*pant*...Christ...Was there any reason...we couldn't *pant* take the elevator...why?" Knox leans on his hammer to catch his breath. "Maybe I should've...taken...*pant pant* the armor off..."

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