Your character swaps voices with the above.

This one is simple, all you do is name a character. The character you named now has the voice of the above poster's character. What would it be like?

Navi - Legend of zelda.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Well... since we actually play as Sonic, it would get annoying fast. Meanwhile, Link will probably also get pissed off either by Ryan's repetition of 'Hey, hey, hey!' every few seconds, Jason's excessive cheesiness or Roger's voice in general.

Siegfried-Soul Calibur III

I think Siegfried had the most badass voice in that game, let's see what happens if we give it to Sonic, eh?

Costalot, from Viva Pinata >.>
She's so so annoying. Her voice would make Siegfried alot more cheerful ^^

Morgan Freeman.
the voice of GOD!

Jack Nicholson

Just imagine that...

Scooby Doo.



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