Serial Killer Round 28: The Forum Game! Yes It's a Forum Game. (FINISHED)

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Sorry about the delay this is finals week for me, so these are my last tests for all of High School.

@RedSky: I think they can, they just can't win, ever since Bobby Fischer beat God that time.

@WarP: Just make sure you never teach her how to do that stupid duck face pose!

@Steak: *sticks chainsaw through face* Well now your dead on the outside too. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm hitting the buffet.

@Neo: I already was! Wait... NOOOO! *Tries to grab mouse, fails*

@CA and @War: We'll we ad guys like to say it sells the character of the brand. AXE commercials are meant to be ludicrous. Nobody really believes that customers will take the ads seriously. It's just pure fun.


Wow, this is possibly the slowest moving round in all of ever. Also, shameless plug time!!!

You guys suuuuuuck. T_T

Yes, I was lynched, and wrongly so! Oh what a cruel fate!

... Also, since I'm in finals week, don't expect a death anytime soon. Maybe by the weekend, but don't hold your breath.

@Neo: Oooh... Uh. Right. Well, technically it's more penguin than duck but...

It is almost 12:30 in the morning here and I have nothing to do... So, anyone wanna play some cards? :3

@Smag: Sure, um... *draws a hand of seven*

Mountain, tap for Lightning Bolt, you're on 17. =D

@CA Oh hell no!! Pay 2 life, Mental Misstep countering your Lightning Bolt.

@Fragrance: Oh, that's a dick move, mate. I haven't even seen the New Phyrexia set yet. Way to kill the buzz on the Mirrodin/Phyrexia war... and I was on the Mirran side more than Phyrexian, though I do have a black/green Infect deck.

@CounterAttack: Hmm? What's this? Improvised Magic teh Gathering? I do believe I'll attempt to use my vague knowledge of the game and most likely made-up terms to fight you.

Dark, tap for Tsunami, you're on 18. (Maybe? If that is all somehow correct, I deserve a cookie for my awesome guessing skills)

@Smagmuck_: Oh, one hour behind me. What state do you live in, my good fellow?

@Keelz: Sorry, you fail. Tsunami costs 4 to play and isn't even a damage-dealing card.

@CA Oh, really? I'm sorry I ruined it for you then, I had no idea... >_< Yeah I wish the Mirrans had won it too, mostly because I was looking for the opportunity to bust out mono white knights but sadly it was not meant to be. I'm kinda disappointed by New Phyrexia mostly because it gave me nothing for decks I'm currently playing or was thinking about playing later.

Crap! I no gets my cookie! Ah well, at least the JIB has some, now where are they.

*Reads location map. Indicates cookies are on both ends of the Infinite Buffet* *sigh* Dammit. *begins walking the endless walk.

@Fragrance: I love my mono-white kitty deck. All the cards in it, besides lands, are from Scars and Besieged. Almost all my creatures are Cats, and I've got a fair few pieces of equipment in there to give me the metalcraft bonus and take advantage of some equipment-related effects on creatures. =)

Plus I have White Sun's Zenith to spawn an infinite army of 2/2 Cats, plus Titan Forge for a heavy hitter later in the game. If you want I can list off the cards in it.

Also, I'm looking through the cards in New Phyrexia right now... One of them, Darksteel Relic, is pointless - at least to me. Who would use an artifact that is free to cast, but can't do anything? It's indestructible, though, so that counts for something. =/

@CA That reminds me of the deck Kathleen (I think that's how it's spelled anyway) was playing in the LRR video they did about Magic. XD Do tell though, I would like to hear more about this kitty deck. I love White Sun's Zenith, it's my second favorite right after the Green Sun's Zenith.

Actually if you're going for metalcraft and equipment, Puresteel paladin and Dispatch from New Phyrexia would probably work well in that deck.

Yeah Darksteel Relic does kinda suck, but I guess you could use it with the new Tezzeret to make it a 5/5 indestructible. Or it could be used with Shape Anew so they can't destroy it in response to fizzle the spell. Still, not doing anything on it's own isn't very good even if it's free.

@Fragrance: I'm working on building up the list right now. And I thought of a use for Darksteel Relic: it'd be good to have if Knowledge Pool was in play, 'cause you can just throw it away and get a better spell for free.

@CA Oooh I hadn't thought of that one. Turning your Darksteel Relic into an Emrakul sounds hilarious.

Well, glad to see that this place is lively again. XD
Hmm... Y'know, I haven't seen Lucy in a while... >.>

*A hand materializes out of the floor*
*Reaches up into Smag's back pocket*
*Removes his wallet*
*Slightly gropes*
*Slips back into the floor*

Did one of you just grab my ass?

@Fragrance: I'd prefer It That Betrays myself, purely for the permanent stealing.

I dunno how a deck is usually listed, so here goes. Cards within a category are sorted by mana cost, lowest first.

@CA: Ah, Magic: The Gathering... I was getting into that game, until an unfortunate accident involving carelessness and a canal happened and destroyed my deck... >.>

@CA Looks good, Got some pretty cool cards in there. Trancendant Master was always my favorite level up guy. Hard to beat a 9/9 lifelink indestructible. Just out of curiosity, why razorverge thicket though? I didn't see anything that needed green mana but maybe I missed it.

@Smag Ouch! That really sucks man. If something like that happened to me I'd be out a fair amount of money so I'm always extra careful.

@Fragrance: I picked Razorverge Thicket to kinda throw off an opponent psychologically, maybe make them think that I'm running green and white in the first couple of turns... but mostly because it's foil and I love showing off my foil rares and mythics. One of my Heroes of Bladehold is a promo card from Besieged's prerelease tournament. 'Tis shiny. =3

@CA Ah, gotcha. I can definitely understand showing off cool cards, I'm quite prone to it myself. I got the promo Hero too, sooo much cooler than Glissa! I'm always surprised at all the cool cards they just give out like that, like Wurmcoil Engine or Sun Titan. Except when it was Emrakul I was pissed off because I was playing a Mill deck back then and that card totally hosed my deck and since it was the promo EVERYONE had one after that.

*Is lost in the grandeur of Magic: The Gathering*
*Is suddenly saddened at the loss of his Fire Deck*

@Fragrance: I play the Angry Kittehs as well as an old-school black-red deck based around Ravnica's Rakdos guild. Lots of creatures and enchantments in that one, designed primarily to hit people hard with low-cost creatures. Working on a burn deck as well, just missing a couple of cards from it. Kicking it old-school with Revised Edition Lightning Bolts. =D

@CA Ah, Rakdos was black red right? I only got really into Magic around the Alara block so I'm not totally familiar with some of the old sets. Sounds a lot like the deck one of my friends has been playing lately actually. The only deck I have totally built right now is a Valakut Ramp deck, which used to be an Eldrazi ramp deck but I decided to switch it up. If I can get my hands on some of the blue black dual lands I'd like to try putting together an artifact deck that uses Kuldotha Forgemaster.

@CA/Mtn. Dew: The heck?

@Fragrance: Indeed, Rakdos was black and red. Its chief mechanic is Hellbent, which gives bonuses to certain cards if I have no cards in my hand. For example, one of my favourite combinations is Gobhobbler Rats and Taste for Mayhem, which, when hellbent, gives me a 7/2 that I can regenerate by paying B.

I got back into Magic when I found out there was a Rise of the Eldrazi draft at the local card shop. Pulled Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief from the first booster. Much lulz ensued.

@Steak: Magic: The Gathering.

@CA: Gotcha.

I knew I shouldn't have thrown away my Magic cards when I left my parent's place.

Hmm... I'm so bored... >.<



*shakes fist at killer from JIB*

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