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"Obviously it is difficult for us to kill the norg. An old chema joke refers to taking a mission against the flet as natural selection, either a demonstration of supreme skill or of stupidity. Piercing the carpace is not that hard with depleted uranium rounds and a sniper but chema rarely use such heavy weaponry. The real trick is the darts, I just recieved a shipment of electromagnetic stun darts. They stick to armour, skin or carpace and then release an electromagnetic jamming signal that essentially blocks neural signals, it's only 50% effective on a liquid brain but still strong enough to render a target useless. It's non lethal of course, for lethal weaponry the darts use a poison which is...unique to say the least"

Lazarus was still waiting for the anti armour poison darts to reach prototyping stage.

"So have you found anything yet? Nothing has reached us here is that because there isn't anything or are you just that good?
If you ever get any decent anti norg weaponry tell me, it might help with my callom."

Valiro pulled off his gear to reveal his normal combat armour, stowing the heat suit in his pack, he then activated his com radio.

"HQ this is Bones, Squads A and B are outside safely with the prize, requesting pickup on my location."

"A transport has been dispatched Bones" Mission control said.

A few minutes later a transport landed and the cargo bay opened, ready for the troops to pile in.

Dal's got in as soon as possible.
"Laz you hear that?"
Using the radio from earlier.

Valiro climbed in and found himself a seat, then slumped then opposite Dal's, breathing a small sigh of relief.

Dal's acknowledged Valiro.
"Excuses me there's something I'd like to ask. What is it like for you when the Chema try and hide from you?"

Valiro shrugged, "It isn't difficult for Taibaskans, as their concentrated soul magic allows them to detect life forms around them, most that have a modicum of skill can sense a life form at a fair distance."

"Impressive, we can do a similar thing but without magic. It also works with machines but that's something different. I wonder what it is like for species that can't detect them. Does each life form feel different? What do the norg feel like."
The norg Knowledge of magic isn't at all impressive.

Mogliss strode into the pickup. He didn't sit down, rather choosing to stand and hold on to one of the handles on the ceiling, since the chairs had no space for his abdomen.

Once both squads were in the transport took off for the ship above. "E.T.A 6 hours team... get some rest" The captain said.

Valiro pondered for a moment before replying, "Norg to me, feel like a smooth ball of energy with several strands or tails connected between them and whirlpools of energy."

It genuinely was but Dal's was getting tired. The Felt didn't sleep much generally only 1/7 of the time but they did sleep for much longer periods of time up to 20-25 hours at the time.
A cloud of harmless purple gas was released from a small hole on the back of Dal's neck before tel's head slumped forward and the tongue spear gently fell out left hanging.

Cyrus nodded, to the captain's words. His eyes slowly closed, yet his hand remained tightly wrapped around the cube as if he would lose it at any moment. Since Justice hadn't taken the cube, Cyrus was forced to carry it despite his lack of strength at the moment, which in all truth annoyed him more than a little bit.

Noticing Cyrus's fatigue, Valiro leant over and offered to take the cube and allow him to rest, stating he himself had plenty of time before needing sleep.

As the squad B leader came close to Cyrus, Cyrus was overcome by an intense nausea that seemed to be emanating from Valiro. As Cyrus was inflicted with nausea Valiro noticed that his magic aura fluxed.

Valiro froze, his eyes widened as he felt stabbing pains shoot up his body from the fluxing magic, he clenched his teeth, letting a little painful groan escape as he straightened back up, trying to stave off the pain.

The pain quickly stopped and Cyrus noticed that the rune on his arm glowed when Valiro went near him. Valior noticed the rune to be a curse rune, the actual reading was not translatable.

"Valiro, what the hell is going on?" Cyrus asked, noticing the rune on his arm glowing brightly whenever Valiro neared him. Cyrus immediately stood up and crossed to the other side of the transport, his nausea and fatigue lessening the further away he was from Squad B's leader.

The Taibaskan looked shaken. "I'm not sure exactly what it says, but that's a curse mark, damn thing did something to my aura, but how the hell is it targeting us two? I didn't touch anything down there."

He too looked slightly relieved by the distance between the two of them.

Just as Dal's was getting to sleep as well.
The tongue retracted violently with a clung that would have made most non norg flinch.
The head rose up again.
"What's going on?"

Kryus looked around the transport, and reflected that the mission hadn't gone all too badly. Finally able to take of the thermal armour, he flexed his tail, taking a little care not to catch any of his allies with it. Sighing happily, Kry took a seat, and fell into a light sleep, praying that he'd be issued a worthy rifle for the next mission.

The team landed in the bay of the Orbiting ship and was quickly told to head towards the briefing room. Once again the secretary let them in and told them to wait for the briefing by the General.

Dal's sat down in the waiting room letting tel's tongue flop out as a sign of respect.
Dal's unequipped the thermal armor and started investigating it.
"Anyone have anything else I can up load? To the Frel."

Cyrus leaned against the wall, trying to remain the furthest he could from Valiro while still being in the same vicinity as the rest of his squad. He still carried his rifle and chainsword, which led him to wonder if the General was going to allow them in without first taking their weapons.

The Secretary came in and quickly looked around. There was fear reflected in her eyes. "The General isn't in right now, just read the file and direct your questions at your transport's pilot."

Finally a mission suited to Lazarus' talents, after the fuckaround in the last mission he was seriously considering dropping his contract with the U.G.F after all the S.C is low on manpower and assassinations paid well there. This looked good. He grabbed his gear making sure to evenly space the other people's gear so that they would not know his had been there.

Dal's was reading the files on the next mission admittedly the new pistol was much more interesting were the tag rounds. Up to a year and painless, bloody amazing tech. Wait just a sec.
Dal's picked up one of the rounds yes there it was a slight spark at close enough range Dal's wouldn't even need to gun to use the tags.
Then noticing Lazarus.
"You looked pleased. Squad B aren't you? I'm surprised someone who has a career in tactics decided to disguise a Norg as whatever these are called, (indicating the picture in the report). Lucky I'm not a Frel yet."

mogliss read the mission brief. "ha! Breaking stuff! I'm good at that!" Pleased, he thought he'd check out his new tech. Not much had changed, exceptfor the silencer and dreamer grenades. "dreamer grenades..." he recited. "..interesting..." he was happy to receive standard armour this time, as now he felt he would pose more of a challenge to the flying citizens of geogra. He suited up, and spread his wings impressively. "much better!"

"Squad A actually, and remember not to use public comm channels I am still hidden from most, This is my kind of mission. Infiltrate, destroy, I wonder why they even concern themselves with whole squads I could be in and out in hours. Nevertheless it will easier to sneak past guards if they are engaged in combat" Said Lazarus remaining invisible.

"Squad A actually, and remember not to use public comm channels I am still hidden from most, This is my kind of mission. Infiltrate, destroy, I wonder why they even concern themselves with whole squads I could be in and out in hours. Nevertheless it will easier to sneak past guards if they are engaged in combat" Said Lazarus remaining invisible.

Cyrus read the mission briefing to himself, and nodded, relinquishing his weapons and motioning for the others to follow when they were ready. Cyrus walked back to the hanger, grabbing his weapons from a new weapon rack and suiting up for the next mission. He looked at his arm and saw the strange rune.

Justice was mildy disappointed by her latest assignment. Sabotage wasn't her forte as terror was, and wondering if it would have been better to be in Squad B's position. Still, it looked better than the last assignment which had been a complete fucking disappointment and waste of her talents.

Once she was done reading over the briefing, Justice followed Cyrus over to the hangar. "So, wolf-boy, are you looking forward to this next assignment?" she asked.

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