Blatant Lies

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Today was a bad day.

Today sucked for me too.

Today filled me with happiness.
I'm going to love this week and not stress about it.

Fox News really is the best news source on the planet.

I completely disagree.
They are reliable and not full of bias.

Having all your homework done is a horrible feeling.

I'm lucky.
I don't have to memorize Shakespeare Sonnet 39 and I don't have to recite it to my teacher.

I didn't go through most of my forum game bookmarks.

Doing nothing all day is horrible. I hate these days filled with free time.

This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

I hate both of those numbers in Awesome's title.

I'm not going through my bookmarks. <.<

I'm not going through my bookmarks. <.<

You don't have many.

I make my own sandwiches.

I've seen you before.

I'm not wondering the rules on giving away games on the escapist >.> <.<

I love my friends, they don't make me jealous with several things on purpose at all.

This has been the best week ever for me.
The person I asked to prom didn't reject me; my iPod didn't get completely screwed up; my savings book didn't go missing; finally, I definitely disn't get a citation about my car because it looks ugly and the city won't fine me unless I place it in the backyard.

This didn't bring back a lot of memories.

I have not gotten lazier than before. It doesn't seem like everything in life wants me to be a teacher...

I'm not bullcrapping my way through an essay right now.

The person who wrote the citation on me isn't someone who has hated my car for over 20 years.
Dad owned the car and the guy would give him grief about it.

I didn't enjoy some delicious Schadenfreude based off of recent forum events.

I don't want a sandwich all of a sudden...

Damn it.
Now I want to eat some people.

I didn't enjoy some delicious Schadenfreude based off of recent forum events.

I swear I'm getting addicted to that word. <.<

It doesn't always remind me of Avenue Q.

I don't have a later shift than normal at work.

That's wonderful news.

Or terrible. Doesn't depend on your outlook though.

I don't get half an hour more to spend here.

Well screw you then!

I hate you too.

I hate you more than that sun over that corner.

I hate you more than I hate this site.

I hate you much more than this site. >:c

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