Blatant Lies

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I really really really really Hate The .50 Caliber Cow avatar and I do not wish i had it first

You can never have it. It's like I'm never going to change my avatar or anything at some point.


I can totally stop looking at the avatar above.

I can totally stop looking at the avatar above.

This doesn't please me.

OT: I'm ignoring this week's episode of Loading Time now.


I say we all run around naked!

I am not weeping bitter tears of sad and fury at Redlin's suspension. :')

Tears of sad.
That is an amazing expression and I will try to use it as much as possible. Thank you for this gift.

I'm not going to make ribs for supper tonight.. and I'm definitely not going to enjoy it.

I'm not crying tears of sadness right now.
They are manly tears of manliness!

i will not read manly webcomics.

I'm not up late... >.>

Manliness is a terrible thing!

I didn't double post...this is just your sleep-deprived mind imagining that I posted twice.

All the avatars I use make perfect sense.

I'm not procrastinating taking a shower right now.

I might not be getting a WiiU.

I finished my homework which is due tomorrow


I know if I'm getting FF V or not.

Modern Warfare 3 is the pinnacle of current gen gaming.

Crysis 2 looks terrible.

Pepsi is delicious.

I hate being warm and toasty.

My cat hates sleeping and prefers to run around nonstop.

Duke Nukem Forever exceeded all expectations.

EA uses good business practices.

SOPA was a good thi... nope can't say that even in a joking sense.

This cherry juice is simply vile.

This spring break is going to be the most action-packed spring break ever.

Whoa slow down!

You'll bust a valve.

I totally hate Father Ted.

I hate Tad...<.<

I don't have another idea for an avatar when I get bored of my current one.

It won't be for a while though.... look at how much fun Spike is having!

@Vaude: I've never seen it.

@Susse Totally not hilarious.

This thread is going to cure all the world's diseases.

It's going to rain maple syrup.

In the end I still feel that the Ps1 is the worst console I've ever had.

I didn't just finish Dragon Age: Origins. It wasn't a very long game.

I hate that game.

Most don't know this but:

Our life has been governed by England in ways you don't realise. Originally because there was no standard unit of measurement; many builders were sent to the Tower of London for shoddy craftsmanship. With this influx of recently executed tradesmen the tower's guards had an great excess of spare limbs which quite morosely led to several things that today we take for granted.

For example they used spare feet as a base for a new system of measurement which also in effect got rid of the building collection of dead builders. They even one tea and sandwich break created the much loved game football. Which is still played today.

Other clever uses were:

The modern saying "Getting a head in life" (Guards would give heads if they forgot a birthday)

The armchair (as gross as it sounds)

Toothpaste (Originally Made from powdered teeth)

So thank you England. Without you there would be a lot less builders in the world.

That logic should be taken as the utmost truth, just like Candide!

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