Blatant Lies

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It's ok I vomited up the pillow.

i am not sad because i'm a poor salesman.

I love my 800$ cable Bill

Morgan from LRR should never reappear on Feed Dump.


I watch so many movies that I can recite every famous quote ever made.

I've eaten a slug once.

It tasted like grapes.

i've never bitten a chicken butt that tasted like fatty chicken.

I hate the way my hair looks.

I love that my hair always looks its best when I'm not going anywhere.

I know what the next LP I will watch is.

Google instant doesn't annoy me, I always leave it turned on.

The google toolbar wasn't a fuckup.

I have't been playing too many visual novels lately.

I totally don't find melted custard arousing.

I understand.

I really wish this assignment I'm working on would never end.

You'll be fine.

I'm the kindest individual you'll likely ever meet.

I'm the most loving person around.
Captcha is not "time will tell." That did not make me lol.

I never get confused trying to reverse all the Blatant Lies in this thread

Its not confusing at all.

Nope, I'm not bored out of my skull at the moment. Not me.

There isn't a comedy gala on tonight I refuse to laugh!

I'm not upset that the Sket Dance anime has come to an end.

I had a horrible time on TF2 last night.

TF2 sucks.

It hurt itself in the confusion and (pokemon name) is immobilised by love. Isn't the two most annoying sentences to read in a pokemon game.

All of you will be destroyed by the mighty Sasquatch.

Pfft please I have a pet dragon to defend me.

The Dragonborn has killed your dragon.

If we all hold hands and sing we will fly.

Friendship is the best super power ever.
It can even kill Zombie-Mecha-Demon-Hitler!

Friendship is magic.

I don't always come here when I'm tired..

But when I do, I resist the urge to quote memes (and fail miserably).

You can resist the memes!

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