Blatant Lies

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I'm feeling up to continuing work on the wall today. Perhaps not taking a day off and returning to it tomorrow is a wise course of action. After all, it is due very soon.

I find your posts easy too understand.

I do as well.

I love being called into work early.

I won't have to work early in the morning when my job starts going.

I dislike captchas. They always ruin everything.

I am the real-life equivalent of Rorschach in Watchmen.

inglip is my lord and master.

I don't feel tired at all. =D

You will sleep now. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP

I am a human being.


Of course you aren't... None of us are humans.

I'm doing this for my post count only.

I am not closing in on 10,000 posts. I don't want that mark.

I'm trapped as Japan Club's President forever! ^.^
Freedom! The new officers have been picked

I was a club president before. I couldn't have been but I wanted to :P

Where is my mind?

I am feeling good about myself tonight.

I have read every 473 pages this thread has untill now. Also, i'm a potato

I hate your name.

I always come up with witty responses in the situation and not an hour after.

I'm so filled with energy right now.

Release the hounds!

I will release them and have them chase me.

I will sing Who Let The Dogs Out?

Holy shit on a pancake Batman! I didn't just find something amazing in my closet.
Unopened program disc to enable the Dreamcast to go online and 3 unopened games!

That is not awesome, I am not jelly.

I totally still have my Dreamcast. DX
Sister's friend broke it long ago. Cooling fans got destroyed when it fell.

Pokemon is lame.

Cleaning is fun.
It's so fun that I'd like to do it for another 3 hours.

I have no cleaning to do.

I am not very tired either.

I'm still not done with cleaning.
It will be messy at my birthday party.
Basically we'll just be playing video games as a storm has hit so no biking. T~T

We broke the Ukulele record!

It was the most thrilling two chords I've ever played.

I'm not watching House right now.

I hate your new avy Ahri.
It is not pretty at all.

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