Blatant Lies

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We've got cholos all around the city.
Crime runs rampant and there is no Police Chief Gordon to stop it.

I don't live on the opposite side of the country from you guys.

There were never fake skinheads by where I live.
They weren't real skinheads, but pretended to be skinheads nonetheless. XD
Topaz is the new leader of this thread for he has started a new page.

Driving long distances across the US is an awesome experience.

I'm totally not drinking huge quantities of alcohol to compensate for this fact.

I already hailed Topaz as my leader...

I will follow wherever you lead us.

I planted a bomb in one of your houses and I am going to tell you who's house it is.

I'm a very busy person.

me neither.

My back feels fine.

*doesn't give =y an icepack for his back*

It doesn't feel weird being called that instead of Red.

I'm going to call you =y.

@=y: Well then hurry the hell up with your 40kth post celebration and we'll start callin ya by your right and proper name.

(I apologize, that wasn't much of a falsehood... So, to compensate...)

I did not just get a puppy. She is not the cutest living thing on the planet.

I would never like to see Redlin using his real profile again.

I'm not confused about Red.
I don't wish to inquire about what happened.
I'm also excited about my AP Macroeconomics test tomorrow.

I wouldn't tell you, but this subject won't potentially make a mod angry and red banned...

I don't see.
Well I'll just go eat someone's children then.

My headphones don't arrive tomorrow. I'm not excited.

I'm gonna go steal an airplane.
I'll pick up some food for anyone who can cause a distraction.

I desire to smash your new headphones in front of you face upon their arrival and then laugh.

I am not trying to catch as many legendaries as possible in Pokemon Plantium with just a regular poke ball.

I'm failing and I haven't caught Uxie, Azelf, Heatran, Dialga and Palkia with regular poke balls. I'm not proud of myself at all.

I hate doing challenges like that.
I didn't catch a Raikou in Crystal on the first Pokeball I threw.
He was facing my recently hatched level 5 Pichu. XD

It doesn't feel weird being called that instead of Red.

I didn't rejoin the server.

I didn't do a little dance when i found out toonami is coming back!

I'm not interested in that at all. (^.^)

You shouldn't be. ;3

I don't love you all, and don't need to sleep now.

Gypsy ninja pirate zombie king:
You shouldn't be. ;3

You didn't go missing!

I've been here the whole time watching you.... O_o

I just sold an arm and a leg to the devil to allow my old laptop to turn on.

The devil is a cool guy.

He said that I can make a free deal with him next time.

You should know how messed up my laptop is.
List goes on for a while. I'll PM you the issues.

I know that I've never owned a laptop.

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