Blatant Lies

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I hate cheese-cake...

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite thread on the Escapist...

(probably been done already)

That's a new meme.

I create memes all the time.

I have no idea what a meme is.

I'm not fond of the new Escapist layout.

I've seen it.

This statement is true.

I hate watching movies.
They always suck.

I am not busy at all

I totally know how I feel about the new escapist layout.

I like how the Motto of the Moment is up there in an awkward manner. :V

I don't think I'll ever get use to these changes! D:

I can tell the what the new changes are.

Of course you can! You're Pub-Club after all! @,@

I'm a Pub Club member too.
I'm not too poor to afford it.
At least I have my consoles. XD

My thoughts about the changes are not posted on my blog.

That's my Boy is the apex of film achievement.

The room is gods gift to the film industry!

Gravity rush made me throw away my vita.

The soundtrack is horrible.

The Atari Jaguar is the best console of all time...

Nah my money is on the tamagotchi.

My aunt, uncle, and cousin didn't just give me a NES, an original Gameboy, an N64, an unopened N64 memory expansion, a bunch of games, and a Super Scope.
I'm quite sad right now.

I didn't buy a game earlier that I probably won't do an LP on.

I won't ask what it was.

It wasn't a Ubisoft game that currently has no sequel.

I hate Subways!

I totally can guess what it is from that description.
I didn't just have to do post commentary for an episode because my mic didn't somehow pick up my silent television.

I am feeling bad because I studied!

I never studied and I did great.
Even when I did study I did great.
I'm the best test taker ever.

I don't miss Vancouver.

I never want to go there.
Nor do I wish to visit Quebec.

It was a shame it was knocked over for a new shopping center.

I am Lord Slug!

I despise OverClocked remixes.

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