Blatant Lies

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Dexter's Laboratory was a terrible show.
No idea why anyone would have watched it.

I hated that show. Worst thing evur.

I never did find out what was wrong with YouTube.
I'm positive it was on my end.

Oh Nero, y u so silleh.

I punched a bear last night.

I punched a saber cat last night.

I didn't finally play Skyrim.

I curse your lucky stars.

This is art attack.

I am nervous for my exams!

I killed you last night.

There is a potato bomb hidden somewhere on the Escapist. Careful where you click.

A potato is potato which can count to potato!

There is now a 1000 mega-chip potato bomb hidden somewhere on the internet. Hopefully somewhere Overpuce wont find.

Today was great for me as well.
The only bad thing that happened was that I got my license.

Well I think its terrible you can drive now.

I'll just be over here, not being sick at work.

I go to this website a lot now.

I think you all should have terrible days from here on in!

I haven't cheated on the Escapist and signed up for a new forum...
Only to post walkthroughs...*gets on knees and begs for Escapist's forgiveness.

I'm going to excommunicate you now.

I've been a good boy though!

You forgot my birthday. Die.

I got you a present yesterday.
You ate it though.

So that's why there was a cactus on my bed.

I got you a nuclear bomb for Christmas.

I love nuclear bombs!! :D

I've never touched a cactus before.

I totally know what I want to do today.

I know what to do later today.
I'll throw a big party and invite everyone!

I'm going to be productive this whole week.

I will be joining you in being productive.

I don't have to go to the doctor.
I won't go when I have to.

I am the best.

You suck.
I on the other hand am so handsome and amazing that all the ladies want to go out with me.

There's a cake with my name on it!

I will kill anyone who doesn't bow to me right now.

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