Blatant Lies

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I don't need to study!

This site doesn't seemed to be an addiction to you Tizzy.
I know it has no hold over me and I can leave anytime... DX

It's just that I have no free time Neuronium! I have SOOOOOOOO much to do today!

I shouldn't be sleeping right now.
I mean it's high noon.

Lollypop chainsaw is what we should use as the videogames are art argument.

Games as art arguments are not stupid and meaningless and are not an excuse to make gamers feel more comfortable with their hobby.

Everyone is comfortable with necrophilia! :D

I have not fallen behind in gaming.

Having a current generation console helps this fact.

I know exactly where Waldo is right now.

Waldo is in my house, in my room in my bed, in my pants.

I have not fallen behind in gaming.

Having a current generation console helps this fact.

My PS2 just sits and collects dust. It is by far the worst gaming console ever.
10 years and it's still going strong.

PS2 is such a redundant piece of junk.

Yeah, PS2 had a shitty library of games...

Damn the PS2 and it's terrible terrible third party games.

In the end everyone remembers to sacrifice goats to me.

All hail =y.

I've sacrificed people, not goats.

I sacrificed a cushion. Will that work?

Also, I don't love this song.

@Max: This is also acceptable.

@Dr. Susse: I kill you last.

I am not waiting on the phone

I'm always waiting for the phone to ring.

I have been expecting you

I expect the expected and the unexpected all the time, therefore you smell funny.

I am a poptart cat what do you expect?

I expect for you to give me all your money.

You are underqualified for money.
capcha: watch out

I can wait for my computer parts to arrive.

I don't need money.
I mean it's not like it's important or anything.

I don't sit here, endlessly refreshing the forums looking for amusing topics to read and/or post in, for hours on end.

I've never done that at all either.
I mean I have so many other things to do than sit on a sit all day...

I'm a very busy person, and I should probably be sleeping right now because I need to get up early tomorrow morning!

And this definitely isn't fun to do.

Sleep is not necessary. Those who need sleep are weak and deserve to be eliminated.

I'm not noticing more people in Forum Games now. I'm sure I know the reason.

This isn't the only part of the forums I still come to.

I'm in Forum Games because it's super serious, whereas the rest of the forums are too laid back, relaxed, and fun for my liking.

This place is the most serious place on the entire internet.
And as we all know, the internet is the most serious place to ever exist.

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