Blatant Lies

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I love that, too. Its never irritating at all.

I will not be out of my money troubles soon...

Let us all wallow in pity with our poorness.
Look on the bright side, if you get mugged they have nothing to take. XD

Being poor is awesome! I may be able to get Dawnguard at the moment, but at least I don't have Minecraft to pass the time.

There is no such thing as a bad driver.

People in San Diego know how to drive in the rain.

People in Ecuador know how to drive in the rain.

I had an absolutely horrible day with my girlfriend today.

That sounds awful. And I know how to drive in video games.

I always get a class S license in Crazy Taxi.

I drive horridly in most games.

I love the physics engine in GTA IV.
Gently hit the brakes, car flips over and kills 6 people. XD

I love it, too. Its even better on PC, imo.

I had that game for more than a day.
To be honest never was a fan of GTA games. Only one that I've ever beaten was Liberty City Stories.

I don't feel evil.
I also could have done that at any point and wasn't trying to do so for the last year. :P

I had a horrible day.

Captcha: mustachioed

Well, not quite. I can't grow impressive facial hair but it is trying its damnedest.

I never grew in patches.
I've always been able to grow amazing beards.

Beards are fun.

I'm so full of energy right now.

I don't feel about the same. And my facial hair is awful.

I don't have more info on Pokemon Black and White 2, including the release dates for US/UK

Knight should keep that a secret.
No one cares about Pokemon Black and White 2.
*on knees* Please tell me! DX

Off topic: O-O I got Neronium to beg, best day ever.

No I won't tell anyone.

Off topic: Ok fine.
The release dates are 7th October for US and 12th October for UK.

Also the English names for the gym leaders Homika and Shisui are Roxie and Marlon. Roxie is the number 2 gym leader and Marlon is the new number 8. They use Poison and Water types.

Below is a list of the Gym Leaders, if you don't want to know, don't click the spoiler.

Also I'm not buying this game and have decided to quit Pokemon forever.

I hate traveling.

Bad news. My doctor says that I'm so unhealthy that I'm going to die.

I steal internet from the orphanage next door.

I didn't just watch something that describes some of EA's practices well. XD

Spongebob voices make it better. XD

EA and Activision are nice people.

I always buy their games. I definitely subscribe to the Origin, and I pay them all my money,
I actually haven't bought a game from them in forever. Mainly because I'm not a fan of the game genres they release.

They don't have some good games. I don't feel bad buying them.

I didn't actually go to an arcade yesterday.

I'm not impressed. I've been to one before.

I go to the arcade all the time.

Team Rocket totally isn't hiding below the Arcade. And the switch to their secret basement certainly isn't hidden behind a poster!

I've been to an arcade recently. It's mostly because I have money to burn and have no other source of video games to use.

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