Blatant Lies

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Nero told me what song he and Lynx were listening to.

I wasn't listening to this.

@Fiji I Wasn't this one

Also isn't one of those awkward moments when The above post is to the same place

Lynx shouldn't post in that awkward moment thread that I made... >.>

That wasn't okay. This doesn't sound better to me right now, though.

I have not returned from TGI Fridays! The food sucked.

I've been to TGI Fridays before.

I live next to a large farm.

@Fijiman: I do too...

I must murder Tizzy.

I never post on here when I have homework to take care of

You shouldn't post here more often period. You should probably ignore your homework though.

I hate Red vs Blue and I'm definitely not watching the latest episode.

I'm not very behind on RvB. It wasn't mostly due to a combination of crappy internet, old and slow computer, and me forgetting. I shouldn't try to catch up any time soon.

Red vs Blue did not get amazingly awesome in Reconstruction and Revelations isn't my favorite season so far.

I have a Clannad avatar.

I am not pissed off.

That's great.

@Tizzy: I don't want to know why.
Also, I'm dying and have written my will. I leave everything I have to my cat Sandy.

I didn't just bike to a wall-mart to buy 2 2L Bottles of soda... and it wasn't very tiring to do so...

You live really close to that Walmart...
*memories don't return*

I don't feel left out.
@Nero: I'm also dying and I want to be buried with your cat.

I don't know Lynx in real life and we don't have any adventures.

I didn't just rip-off this forum in the War Z forums to make a successful game.

I didn't just watch something amazingly awesome.

i will make tizzy make do with a cat.

We should beat each other senseless.

*starts beating Fiji*
I wholeheartedly agree!

I'm joining in!

*starts hugging Trouble*
I see you around a lot!
*starts beating Trouble*

*whacks Nero in the back of the head while he's distracted by trouble*
I'm doing important things right now.

I'm discussing the future with my past self. He will be rich, smart, and a competent politician that actually does the right thing.
Not that politicians don't lie, cheat, and make me want to punch them. Politicians are great...
Reason I stopped following politics after 10 years of following it: made me depressed and angry.

I totally knew they were making a live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie.

I was so excited when I saw that it was live action.
I'm sure it'll be great, just like the live action Dragon Ball movie was... -__-

I didn't just watch SWAT Kats. I never miss some of the older cartoons sometimes.

I never go on a Dexter's Laboratory marathon.
Glad that show is gone.
I'll just watch Annoying Orange and the Fred show.

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