Blatant Lies

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This was not one of my original avatars.

I am not deciding between two avatars.

I've not recently changed my avatar.
Also, the bacon Nero ate probably wasn't either facon or really really old.

Fiji didn't hit the nail on the head.

I am not awaiting page 666.

I must slap you for that.

I consider that a poor attempt at humor.

I've managed to splice together a hotdog and a hamburger.
Sadly though it appeats to be destroying the city.

I'm calling the military. You're not on your own on this one.

I didn't get another badge yesterday.

I love it when I leave a video to load for half an hour and it's still not loaded completely.

I hate Adventure Time, it's so shitty.

Worst show ever. Made me hate Cartoon Network more.

I liked the Fionna and Cake episode, didn't drive the fanbase bat-shit insane. The episode itself wasn't boring, the ending of the episode wasn't hilarious though.

I hate the Ice King. I also don't feel bad for him because of what happened to him. I found it funny.

I have watched AT, and can honestly tell you I hated it.
Are you sure you know what's the lie?

I don't think the Ice King can be hilarious at times.I also don't think that Nero should give me $20.

I'm not wondering what should I have for dinner tonight.

I'm glad Tizzy changed his avatar, I hate seeing Grape around and I am hating Game of Thrones. I'm totally not reading the books and I'm just watching the TV series for the on screen cake.

The cake isn't a lie.

Pie tells the truth.

We must destroy all of the pie.
I'm also not watching Jeff Dunham.

I'm gonna give Fiji $20.

I don't find Jeff Dunham freaking hilarious.
Also, this is lame.

I never saw Jeff Dunham in real life for a performance at SDSU.

Gangnam Style is horrible.

I think I passed my proficiency test.

Photobucket hasn't crapped itself inside out today and is working just fine.

That sounds like the funnest thing ever.

I shouldn't have read one of my books over the weekend.
I love procrastination.

I shall leave and never return.

I'm leaving, too.

I'm never returning after today either.

May you all burn in hell during my absence.

I love burning.
The smell of burnt skin is the best.
I'm not going to be getting a California Burrito for dinner. ^.^

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