Blatant Lies

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I'm not hungry.

I didn't eat a chip butty slobbered in ketchup!

I have not finished my part-time work!

I'm still not hungry.

I don't have a lot to think about.

I'm not bored...

Gaming is not a good option.

Way too few Jrpgs.....

There are terrible games coming out for the 3DS this year!

I've played my 3DS a lot.

I hate how Adventure Time is cheaper than most games on the eShop!

Adventure time is a pretty not funny cartoon

Adventure time sucks.

I'm a play tester for the Ps4.

Believe me when I tell you that sprite based games are making a huge comeback.

Google Chrome has been behaving lately.

Also, I'm not scared about starting my new semester.

I use Google Chrome.

Firefox hasn't killed itself on me in the past.
I totally trust it. Not as much as I trust IE though.
I'll put my life on the line to defend IE's good name!

Long live Opera web browser!

i'm returdd

I never procrastinate

@Nero: I'm not wondering why you're worried about your next semester.

@Tea: *doesn't hug*

@Red: *Doesn't hug back* ^^

*hugs Tea*
I don't have any distance education classes. I also am not afraid of getting bad grades.

Back to waking up after the sunrise.

@Nero: *Hugs back*
I know what distance education classes are. >.> I'm not sure you'll be fine though ^^

I am not wondering what my next big cosplay will be...Happy would be easy to pull of right...

@Tea: Distance Education classes aren't online only classes. I don't have to go to tutoring a lot as well.
I also don't have an Oral Communications class.

@Tizzy: You should cosplay as Lucy Heartfilia. XD

@Nero: Fantastic idea!

I'm not gonna flip this table here.
(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

(~_0) *not a wink*

I've never not only used Firefox, I am not on the beta stream.

I'm not tempted to replace the audio of my finale video. >.>

I feel very famous on the Escapist

Being famous on the Escapist is important.

I always make sure I'm the center of attention.
That's why I venture outside of the Forum Games section.

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