Blatant Lies

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I am the greatest Escapist who ever lived.

I'm master of the universe!

I wouldn't watch The Escapist if it were a tv show..

I WOULD watch The Escapist if it were a TV show

I wouldn't do that either.

There is an escapist show, I just watch them work through their window.


I watch Susse though a telescope.

I have had a chip installed in all of your spleens.
With just one push of this button I can kill you all! >:D

*Drinks a shot of Methylated spirits*

Do it.

*pushes button and Doc's pancreas explodes*


Smells like bacon....

My keyboard was no replaced!

It feels bad to not have a keyboard again!

Not wondering if the Escapist is going nuts right now with maintenace right now.

The Escapist wasn't taken down for a bit for maintenance.
Kross didn't make it a news announcement from the Tech Team.

I'm not feeling stupid right now for not seeing it.

I didn't get my new mic in the mail today. :D

I'm having fun right now.

It's not cold outside and I'm not feeling run down at all.

I'm not scared of oversleeping and missing my exam tomorrow.

I don't have an episode where the game audio is 1 second off of the actual game...
*shakes fist at PVR*

There isn't a totally sweet Project Freelancer shirt I want to get.

I don't think of RvB when I hear Project Freelancer.

I don't feel dumb for finding out the simple answer to clear my hic-up with the Escapist broswer wise.

I never find easy solutions to difficult problems.

I don't derp in tanks.

Committees are excellent for quickly finding a solution

I never derp on anything.

I am the model at which you should all aspire to be!

You know the context in which I was using the term Derp. :P

I'm not tired.

I'm not full.

I am not sick

You caught it from me!

I've managed to infect you all with E.Coli!

Free face painting every Friday.

Only on the Escapist.

Today isn't someone's birthday out there in the world.

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