Blatant Lies

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I am not wondering what my next big cosplay will be...Happy would be easy to pull of right...

@Tea: Distance Education classes aren't online only classes. I don't have to go to tutoring a lot as well.
I also don't have an Oral Communications class.

@Tizzy: You should cosplay as Lucy Heartfilia. XD

@Nero: Fantastic idea!

I'm not gonna flip this table here.
(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

(~_0) *not a wink*

I've never not only used Firefox, I am not on the beta stream.

I'm not tempted to replace the audio of my finale video. >.>

I feel very famous on the Escapist

Being famous on the Escapist is important.

I always make sure I'm the center of attention.
That's why I venture outside of the Forum Games section.

I am the greatest Escapist who ever lived.

I'm master of the universe!

I wouldn't watch The Escapist if it were a tv show..

I WOULD watch The Escapist if it were a TV show

I wouldn't do that either.

There is an escapist show, I just watch them work through their window.


I watch Susse though a telescope.

I have had a chip installed in all of your spleens.
With just one push of this button I can kill you all! >:D

*Drinks a shot of Methylated spirits*

Do it.

*pushes button and Doc's pancreas explodes*


Smells like bacon....

My keyboard was no replaced!

It feels bad to not have a keyboard again!

Not wondering if the Escapist is going nuts right now with maintenace right now.

The Escapist wasn't taken down for a bit for maintenance.
Kross didn't make it a news announcement from the Tech Team.

I'm not feeling stupid right now for not seeing it.

I didn't get my new mic in the mail today. :D

I'm having fun right now.

It's not cold outside and I'm not feeling run down at all.

I'm not scared of oversleeping and missing my exam tomorrow.

I don't have an episode where the game audio is 1 second off of the actual game...
*shakes fist at PVR*

There isn't a totally sweet Project Freelancer shirt I want to get.

I don't think of RvB when I hear Project Freelancer.

I don't feel dumb for finding out the simple answer to clear my hic-up with the Escapist broswer wise.

I never find easy solutions to difficult problems.

I don't derp in tanks.

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