Blatant Lies

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I don't derp in tanks.

Committees are excellent for quickly finding a solution

I never derp on anything.

I am the model at which you should all aspire to be!

You know the context in which I was using the term Derp. :P

I'm not tired.

I'm not full.

I am not sick

You caught it from me!

I've managed to infect you all with E.Coli!

Free face painting every Friday.

Only on the Escapist.

Today isn't someone's birthday out there in the world.

I am not having a terrible day today

The bell didn't ring here!

I am not sick

I don't feel like puking right now.
I blame you! >.<

I love waking up at noon. So much of my day, not wasted.

I didn't just get an upgrade disc for Windows 7 Ultimate for $15.

It sucks working for the state sometimes.

I work for the man.

I wasn't given more work today on top of the work I already have to do, I am delighted.

I don't wish that I could play Legoland, Lego Island 1 and 2, and Lego Racer on my PC.
Sadly can't since it's Windows 7 64 bit. I can try Dos Box to see if that'll hopefully work.

I am very relaxed about the thought of midterms tommorow

I hope you fail Jan.

My Tourism Awareness class is great!

Now I have to do two projects tonight and a third tomorrow and then 2 long ones for next Thursday!

I don't want to go home so I can upgrade my OS.

Martin Freeman is a terrible bore and has no charisma whatsoever.

I'm not backing up my computer.
It's not going to take a while

My town has been liberated from the tyranny of a dark dragon.

Praise be to the orphan who was sacrificed for our freedom.

I find it great that a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate doesn't come with a Wireless Network Adapter driver preloaded. >.>

I hate cherry coke

I love soda so much.

I am not going to be on the forum games communicast!

You aren't lucky! >.<

Also, I didn't just reinstall my graphics card's drivers. >.>

I just put my cat in the dryer.

I'm not budgeting for computer stuff I'll need for Uni.

I don't have to go to work now.

I've not been at work.

I also didn't somehow lose massive amounts of space that I must find.

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